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Use Restricted Big Box | 04.15.15


Use Restricted Big Box

Seeking sales of big box stores such as Lowes, Wal-mart, Home Depot that have use restrictions put in place by Wal-mart, Home Depot or Lowes to subsequent owners. Seeking market data showing the diminution in value due to use restrictions. Example-no discount store over 50,000 s.f. for 20 years. No grocery store over 50,000 s.f.

Contact name: Miles Anderson (504) 327.0525 E-mail

Posted on: 04.15.15


Hydroponic Greenhouses | 04.15.15


Hydroponic Greenhouses

Looking to speak to anyone who has appraised a hydoponic greenhouse facility.

Contact name: Gerald Carey (845) 896.5333 E-mail

Posted on: 04.15.15


Large truck rental facility sales | 04.15.15

Looking for sales of truck rental facilities. Subject is a 14,000 SF corporate owned truck rental facility on 10 acres. Located adjacent to a freeway. Built in mid-1990's. Facility includes offices, truck wash, maintenance building with truck bays to service large tractor trailers.

Contact name:Marc Barlow (504) 327.0525 E-mail

Posted on: 04.15.15


Looking For Fitness Center Leases in PA & NJ | 04.15.15


Subject is a free-standing fitness center in Allentown, PA. Looking for comparable lease information

Contact name: Jordan Yuter (504) 327.0525 E-mail

Posted on: 04.15.15


Foundry Sales | 04.15.15


Looking for sales of aluminum recycling facilities or general foundries anywhere in the US. Would consider fee simple or leased fee sales. Will reciprocate.

Contact name: Vince Pfister (260) 824.2555 E-mail

Posted on: 04.15.15


NNN Dialysis Center Appraisal | 01.29.15


NNN Dialysis Center Appraisal

Any information on the sales and/or leases for dialysis centers, (Davita, Fresenius etc) would be greatly appreciated. Willing to share info as well.

Contact name: Frances Alford (504)327.0525 E-mail


Value Added by Granting of Easement | 01.29.15


Value Added by Granting of Easement

Looking for supporting data in favor of granting access easement through large acreage parcel resulting in enhancement to the parcel.

Contact name: Kristy Milton (434)455.2308 E-mail



Theater Appraisal | 01.13.15


Theater Appraisal

Looking to quote a live theater appraisal in Massachusetts and want to partner with someone familiar with the sector. This is a high profile venue and hosts national shows.

Contact name: Joe Flanagan (508)331.8133 E-mail

Listing 01.13.15


Movie Theater | 01.13.15


Movie Theater

Looking for movie theater leases and sales. Subject is 10 screens, built in 1983 and renovated in 2008. All digital equipment and stadium seating. It is a leased property. It is located in southern NH. Will accept anything and will share data.

Contact name:Susan Balogh, MAI (978)827.5633 E-mail

Listing 01.13.15


Affordable Housing Impact on Property Values | 12.01.14


Corridor or Franchise Easement Agreements

Please provide info about any studies you may be aware of the impact of affordable housing, and in particular tax credit housing, on property values.

Contact name: John Brandenburg (410) 772.2554 E-mail

Listing 12.01.14


Corridor or Franchise Easement Agreements | 12.01.14


Corridor or Franchise Easement Agreements *NEW*

Seeking methodology & examples for valuation of franchise and easement agreements in a municipality's ROW. I am looking for information from others who have developed this type of methodology, something more specific than simple ATF approaches, and who have examples of how utility companies value corridors for transmission of power, data, water. Information on income, percentage fees & other approaches and corridor factors would be helpful. Thanks.

Contact name: Anthony P Gibbons (206) 842.4887 E-mail


Listing 12.01.14


Functional Obsolescence | 11.18.14


Functional Obsolescence *NEW*

Part 1 of 3. My question: Is this incurable functional obsolescence? If so, is it due to a substandard L/B ratio or to a substandard parking ratio? Please consider: A warehouse/office building on a 28,700 SF site built in 2000 that includes a 1,630 SF mezzanine. GBA is 9,600 SF (not including the 1,630 SF mezzanine). Zoning requires one parking space per 900 SF (this is a PUD), or 11 spaces (9,600/900 rounded up as required by zoning).

Part 2 of 3. The assessor confirmed that mezzanine is not included in the calculation of the parking requirement; consequently, the property conforms to zoning. It is assumed that the occupancy certificate was issued when the mezzanine was raw, unfinished space. Sometime after the occupancy certificate was issued, the mezzanine was built out. The mezzanine is structurally the same as the main building as evidenced by its steel frame, its good quality office finish, HVAC and the fire control sprinklers.

Part 3 of 3. The exterior front elevation features good quality, ground to roof- line windows that enhance the appearance of the ground floor and mezzanine level office. The property is leased and the mezzanine is included in the rentable area. So the leased area is 11,230 SF (9,600 plus 1,630 mezzanine). When 11,230 SF is used for the parking calculation, the property requires 12 spaces (11,230/900). But the site is too small to accommodate an additional parking space. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact name: Doug Duda 312.777.3462 E-mail

Listing 11.18.14


Please Help! Quarry Sales | 11.11.14


Please Help! Quarry Sales

I need quarry sales nationwide as soon as possible. Please advise if you can supply us with quarry sales, or point us in the direction of someone that can help us.
Please call or e-mail me. Steve Wolgin 201.568.9729 E-mail


Listing 11.11.14

New Jersey Data Center Sales/Lease Data Request | 11.12.14


New Jersey Data Center Sales/Lease Data Request

I need quarry sales nationwide as soon as possible. Please advise if you can supply us with quarry sales, or point us in the direction of someone that can help us.
Contact: Mark Pomykacz 908.534.3590 E-mail


Listing 11.12.14

Retrospective appraisal Comps | 11.05.14


Retrospective appraisal Comps

Is it appropriate and within USPAP guidelines to use sales that occurred after the effective date of a retrospective appraisal? Subject is 50 acres (vacant) located in a very rural area with virtually no sales. E-mail


Listing 11.05.14

Deed restricted out parcel | 10.23.14


Deed restricted out parcel

We are seeking market data on the transfer of deed restricted retail land. The subject is a vacant 2.5 acre parcel of land situated at the entrance to a regional mall. Deed restrictions have been placed on the land which effectively allows the mall owner to perpetually control the land by having full say over uses permitted, design, etc., and there is no requirement that they act in a reasonable manner. The mall owner retains the right to first refusal to buy or lease back the parcel.


cell (732) 308-0909


Listing 10.23.14

School Leases | 10.11.14


School Leases

Appraising the Market Rental of a public school in New Jersey. Seeking leases of schools in NJ and surrounding area.


cell (732) 308-0909


Listing 10.11.14

Conservation Easement Data in Flood Zone | 09.10.14


Conservation Easement Data in Flood Zone

I am seeking any market data and or experiences relating to conservation easements on farmland located in a flood zone. Types of data seeking include sales of easement-restricted properties, and/or conservation easement acquisitions. Thank you, Todd Murphy MAI, ARA, San Luis Obispo, CA (805) 544-2472 x 15

cell (805) 544-2472 x 15

Listing 09.10.14

Medical Subleases Per Session | 09.04.14


Large School, Colleges

We've been asked repeatedly recently to provide fair market rental value (FMRV) opinions on various medical office sublease agreements. The agreements stipulate that the user can use one or two exam rooms, for one or more 4 hour session per month. This "Session Agreement" often includes the use of furniture are support staff (receptionist at least, usually a registered nurse as well). We're looking to exchange data, or talk through methodology with anyone else who may be encountering similar assignments.

Contacter's Email

Submitter's Email


Listing 09.04.14


Hydro Plant Canal System Land Comps in CA | 08.14.14


Deed restricted out parcel

Is it appropriate and within USPAP guidelines to use sales that occurred after the effective date of a retrospective appraisal? Subject is 50 acres (vacant) located in a very rural area with virtually no sales. E-mail

cell (732) 308-0909


Listing 08.14.14

Vet Facilities With Kennel | 07.15.14


Vet Facilities With Kennel

Looking for sales of larger kennel/SPCA/vet facilities in PA/MD/NJ with any date of sale. My subject is approx 20,000 sq. ft. Will reciprocate with all data collected.


Listing 07.15.14

Large School, Colleges | 07.10.14


Large School, Colleges

MAI seeks help with finding listings, sales and/or leases of large schools, colleges, public or private, anywhere in the USA. Subject is 500,000 SF graduate school built in phases 1940-1990. Very good condition. Well located in large metro area in Southwest. Will consider sales that date back to 2010.

Contacter's Email

Submitter's Email


Listing 07.10.14


Market Rents | 07.08.14


Market Rents

Looking for information on estimating market rents for right of ways across public lands

Contacter's Email

Submitter's Email


Listing 07.08.14


Environmental damages | 6.12.14


Environmental damages

Does anyone have a clear method for measuring the specific impact (value) of environmental contamination issues on residential land? That is other than the cost to cure. It needs to account for stigma.

Contacter's Email

Submitter's Email


Listing 06.12.14


Theatre/Live Music Venue | 06.10.14


Theatre/Live Music Venue

Seeking sales or leases of good quality/condition music venues or theatres in the southeast. Sales that include going concern/blue sky are ok if an allocation to real property & FF&E can be provided.

Listing 06.10.14

Corrections Facilities | 06.04.14


Corrections Facilities

Sales, rental or operating data of prisons and large corrections centers anywhere in US.


Listing 06.04.14


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