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Designation Resources

Welcome to the Designation Resources Page!

Whether you're a new Candidate for Designation or a Designated Member who has decided to pursue another designation, you will find all the information, forms, manuals, tools, and guides pertaining to all four AI candidacy programs (MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS).

Getting Started

For new general and residential Candidates, please take a moment to view one of the two PowerPoints (click on the images below) for a succinct overview of the MAI and SRA programs.



For new general and residential review Candidates, please take a moment to view one of the two PowerPoints (click on the images below) for a succinct overview of the AI-GRS and AI-RRS programs.


Forms & Applications

If you are a Designated member or a Candidate for Designation who is interested in pursuing another designation, the first step is to add a new candidate path to your current account. You must complete the following online Add a Candidate Path Application.

Are you a Practicing Affiliate who would like to become a Candidate for Designation? You must complete the Category Change Application and return it to the Admissions Department.

Candidates for Designation who need more time to complete the requirements for designation (as outlined in their Minimum Progress), Candidate Attendance, or have timelines that will expire, must complete the following online application Request a Candidate Extension.

Helpful Tools

Candidates can access the My Candidate Status Report in order to determine what remaining requirements they need to fulfill in order to earn their designation.



The above AI PowerPoint presentations provide a quick overview of the candidate program, however,  Candidates are also encouraged to review the Candidate Resource Manual, which offers instructions on how to navigate your "My AI" login page and provides useful material about the candidate program, including information on your Candidate status and Candidate Advisor, along with your education transcript, annual fees, receipts and your Continuing Education Report.

Would you like more information on the Fees Related to Candidacy? This chart breaks down the costs of candidacy.

The Admissions Department also encourages all Candidates to review the Candidate Policy Manual, as it contains policies on candidacy, including alternative path information for those holding additional designations (from AI and other associations).

Whether you are a new candidate or a Designated member, the Designation Requirement Charts (MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS paths) feature at-a-glance requirements for each designation.



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