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Chapter FYI from AI

Welcome to the Chapter FYI!
The second Monday of each month, Chapter FYI will be sent via email to the following chapter leaders: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director, Education Chair (and co-chair), and Candidate Guidance Chair. Each issue includes important information and updates pertaining to AI chapter leaders. Please feel free to share pertinent information with other leaders or members of your chapter. The current issue of Chapter FYI can always be found on the AI website.

January 9, 2017

In this issue

DATES & DEADLINES                                                                                                   

Jan. 31 – Minimum Chapter Criteria reporting deadline (see below for requirements due)
Feb. 14 – LDAC registration opens
May 3-5 – LDAC conference
June 8-11 – Annual Conference, Ottawa, Ontario
Oct. 26-27 – Chapter Leadership Program, Chicago
The 2017 Chapter Leadership Program conference will be held Oct. 26-27 in Chicago. Per Regulation 8, the 2018 Chapter President will be required to attend, or the chapter must send another officer in his/her place. All other chapter leaders are invited to attend. Watch your email and this space this spring/summer for further details.

LDAC Registration to Open Feb. 14
The 2017 Leadership Development and Advisory Council conference will be held May 3-5 in Washington, D.C. Registration for LDAC will open Feb. 14.

Please consider becoming an LDAC sponsor. You can sponsor a member of your chapter or choose from numerous other 2017 sponsorship opportunities. All money raised goes directly into the LDAC program, which allows us to continue our leadership development efforts. Please note, payment for chapter sponsored registrations will not be collected ahead of Feb. 14. Payment, however, must be received before any applicant can be approved.

For more information on LDAC 2017, please click here. For additional information on LDAC, please contact Evan Williams or Scott Brody.

The recently adopted Chapter Financial Management and Administration Policy as well as a background document and FAQ's are available under the Chapter Finance section of Chapter Business Tools
To ensure that 2017 ACH email notifications are sent to the appropriate Chapter representative(s), please forward the name(s) and email address of each recipient for your Chapter to Our system only allows two email addresses for these payment notification emails.  
New Templates for Chapter Broadcast Emails
The AI Marketing Department has implemented a new email program and created a new suite of templates, including one for Broadcast emails. The templates present a fresh look and reflect current branding. All future sends will use new templates. Please continue to make requests per the Broadcast Email Policy and thoroughly review test copies upon receipt from Marketing to insure all links are working. As always, Marketing welcomes your feedback.

Chapter Representatives to the Regional Committee in 2018
Chapter Presidents and Executive Directors will be sent a letter informing the chapter of the number of Representatives to the Regional Committee it will elect for 2018. Chapter Representatives to the Regional Committee will be elected on the basis of one (1) for every (50) Designated Members in good standing per Chapter. If a Chapter has one (1) or more elected Representative(s) to the Regional Committee, one (1) such Representative must be the Chapter Vice President, or the Chapter officer next in line to the Chapter President.

The Chapter President shall automatically serve on the Regional Committee in addition to any elected Chapter Representatives to the Regional Committee.

Chapters can also view its number of elected Regional Representatives for 2018 by logging into the Chapter Info Website and accessing a report titled Regional_Rep_Counts_2017.pdf within the Chapter Reports section under the Reports tab.

MINIMUM CHAPTER CRITERIA                                                                                        
The 2017 Minimum Chapter Criteria Report website is now available within Chapter Business Tools. Chapters must submit the following to the Minimum Chapter Criteria Report website by Jan. 31, 2017:
  •  2016 meeting minutes
  • Attendance at the 2016 Chapter Leadership Program
  • Attendance at the 2016 regional meetings 
  • 2017 officer email addresses
  • Chapter committee rosters 
  • 2017 mission and goals 
  • Reporting of any branch chapters
  • Approved budget 
  • Signed Internal Control Policy (end-of-term and beginning-of-term signatures)
All Minimum Chapter Criteria must be submitted to the Minimum Chapter Criteria website to be counted. Please see the Reporting Chapter Information section of the 2017 Chapter Operations Manual for more information on completing the Minimum Chapter Criteria Report.
Note: The Appraisal Institute will not reimburse a chapter for chapter dues and fees until the chapter has complied with the applicable Jan. 31 reporting deadlines.


2017 National State Approved Seminars
Please note that the following seminars will be approved by national in 2017.

  • FHA Appraising for Valuation Professionals
  • Review of and Guidance for Handling Disciplinary Cases (premiering 2017)
  • Advanced Land Valuation (premiering 2017)
  • Land Valuation (premiering 2017)
  • Additional seminars will premier in 2017

2017 Chapter Fee Schedule
The 2017 fee schedule is now available for download in the resources section of the Knowledge Center. Only fees for Designation Education are increasing. Fees for all other program types will remain the same.


Designation Education Tuition Increase
Tuition for all Designation Education courses will increase for programs in 2017. This is now reflected for all offerings in OLRS. See chart below for AI Price and Full Price.
  • Consider the bulk shipping option when setting up new classes in OLRS.
    • All materials are sent directly to chapters or location of the class.
    • Students have immediate access to materials via the Knowledge Center upon registration and for one year after the class.
    • Bulk shipping costs are typically 50 to 85 percent less than other options.
    • This option must be selected at least 30 days before the start of the class.
  • Minimize last-minute shipping.
    • Order materials sooner than eight business days before the start of the class to ensure materials are shipped via UPS Ground. 
    • Order a few extra solutions and exams (if applicable) to accommodate walk-ins or late registrants.
  • Take advantage of downloadable materials option.
    • Direct late registrants to the Knowledge Center for the download-only option when you do not have hard copies available.
    • Encourage the download-only option to everyone to avoid all shipping costs. This is easily set up in the OLRS section, Offering Administration, under #3 - View/Edit Direct Ship Indicator.
The 2017 Capstone schedule is now open for registration.


The deadline for the next Valuation ad (Q2 2017) is Jan. 20  To ensure inclusion in the ad, applications must be submitted and approved by end of day, Jan. 20.
  • Be careful not to submit duplicate applications
  • Please review application before submitting
  • Make sure to check spelling, etc.
  • What you enter is what is displayed on website

Now Available to Chapters
Review Case Studies — Residential

This hands-on two-day course is designed for appraisers, reviewers or other real estate professionals who regularly work with reviews. Participants will work through all seven steps of the review process and apply them to a simulated assignment that’s reflective of the work appraisers would be required to perform. Mandatory course for Candidates seeking the AI-RRS designation.

Now Available to Chapters
Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Buildings
This recently updated one-day professional development course uses real-life case studies provided by builders, real estate agents and appraisers to introduce participants to valuation methods for appraising high-performance houses. Developed by the highly esteemed green expert, Sandy Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate, this Appraisal Institute course uses her book Residential Green Valuation Tools as the required course material. The book can be purchased from the AI bookstore. Note: Chapters that buy the book in bulk (minimum six copies) will get a 20 percent discount. 

Available to Chapters in February
Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar

As the United States continues to search for energy alternatives, solar photovoltaics for residential properties are becoming more common and creating a demand for appraisers properly trained in valuing them. This updated hands-on two-day professional development course introduces participants to solar terminology and uses real-life case studies to show how solar-related valuation problems can be resolved. Note: Students taking this course must have access to the internet.

Available to Chapters in April
Valuation of Conservation Easements

Designed for general certified appraisers, this updated four-day professional development course deals with the intricacies involved in one of the most misunderstood and difficult types of appraisals: conservation easements. Shortened from five days to four, this course will familiarize participants with conservation easement valuations in a variety of different situations, including conventional appraisals, appraisals that are required to comply with the Yellow Book and appraisals involving non-cash charitable contributions that are required to comply with IRS standards.

Coming Soon…
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions

After 16 years, the U.S. Department of Justice has updated the “Yellow Book” (Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions). Seasoned appraisers of federal land acquisitions or experienced residential or general appraisers interested in expanding their client base to include federal acquisition agencies will be taught the newest information needed to correctly apply the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions. This program will become a course with an exam (14 hours + one-hour exam). Note: An interim electronic version of the revised Yellow Book is now available on the Department of Justice’s website. The course materials are being revised and the course will be available for Chapters soon. Chapters notified via email of the release date.

Review of/Guidelines for Disciplinary Processes: Understanding an Investigation by a State Regulatory Board or Agency (title TBD)
This half-day seminar for residential and general appraisers is under development and will explore from a regulator’s perspective why a state investigation is serious business, how the investigative process works , how a complaint begins, the consequences of sanctions, the role of USPAP and what can be learned from disciplinary actions. Tentative release to chapters in July.
Land Valuation (title TBD)
This one-day practical applications seminar for general and residential appraisers will focus on the theme of land in transition. The course will feature five case studies and include discussion topics that will address complex issues in land valuation. Tentative release to chapters in July.
Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems
This one-day Excel-based seminar will explore five case studies that focus on practical applications of complex land valuation issues. The course will have a commercial focus, but the concepts presented also are applicable to residential assignments. Tentative release to chapters in August.

Development Projects Slated for 2017

  • Analyzing Tenant Credit Risk and Commercial Lease Analysis. Initially developed in 1998, this topic is just as important and relevant now, and has been revised over the years to reflect the changing market. This one-day seminar will provide an updated look into the ways tenant credit risk affects the valuation and analysis of commercial real estate.
  • Collateral Underwriter. New seminar.
  • General Site Valuation and Cost Approach. Update/revision.
  • General Report Writing and Case Studies. Update/revision.

AI EDUCATION TRUST                                                                                                

Does your chapter have Candidates who are trying to meet their deadlines but may need assistance? Are your Candidates aware of the available Appraisal Institute Education Trust Scholarships? 
The Appraisal Institute Education Trust offers options to Candidates for Designation to assist them in completing their education deadlines. Upcoming scholarship deadlines: 
April 1 
  • Appraisal Institute Education Trust AI Course Scholarship 
  • Appraisal Institute Education Trust Minorities and Women AI Course Scholarship  
July 1
  • Appraisal Institute Education Trust AI Course Scholarship 
  • Appraisal Institute Education Trust Minorities and Women AI Course Scholarship  
  • Appraisal Institute Education Trust Candidate for Designation Scholarship
    • Note:  While the other scholarships only pay for one course, this scholarship pays for ALL advanced level education needed for Candidacy. 
Candidates are eligible to receive one scholarship per calendar year. 
Please note: It is recommended that, prior to submitting a scholarship application, applicants attend a minimum of two Appraisal Institute chapter meetings annually. 
The Appraisal Institute Education Trust also offers college scholarships! 
AIET offers scholarship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate college students studying the real estate industry. Applicants do not have to be affiliated with the Appraisal Institute but must have a major concentration in real estate. The deadline for the college scholarships is April 15.  
AIET Undergraduate Scholarship  
AIET Graduate Scholarship  
AIET Minorities and Women Education Scholarship 
Learn more about AIET Scholarship options - click here or email


Nominate Individuals for ‘Volunteer of Distinction’ Honor
Appraisal Institute Designated Members, Candidates for Designation, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates may nominate such individuals by submitting the nomination form to their chapter’s executive director or president. Each region’s honorees then are chosen by their regional executive director, in conjunction with the region’s chair and vice chair. The nomination form and additional information about the Volunteer of Distinction program can be found here.


Recognize new Candidates for Designation, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates at your next chapter event and help give them an extra-special welcome. You can enhance chapter retention in simple ways by working with your chapter leadership team to build a new outreach program that includes extending personal invitations to upcoming chapter meetings, asking a veteran Designated Member to mentor a new individual, highlighting new individuals in your chapter newsletter and calling or emailing new Candidates for Designation, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates as soon as they join. 
View all new Practicing Affiliates who joined in December.
View all new Affiliates who joined in December.
Recognize and congratulate newly Designated Members in your chapter! A list of all individuals who recently were designated is available. View the list here.

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