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On Demand Online Education USPAP FAQ

On Demand Online Education USPAP FAQ Questions

Questions & Answers

What are the minimum system requirements and supported browsers?


OS Browsers
Windows 7 minimum

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome:
Latest release and latest - 1 release

Mac 10.8.3 minimum Safari, Firefox, Chrome:
Latest release and latest - 1 release

We do not formally support the use of mobile devices/browsers for USPAP, however, the application functions well with a minimum of iOS 7 on an iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3, with the Safari mobile browser.

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How does USPAP work?

The Appraisal Foundation mandates the design of online USPAP courses.

The Foundation requires students to achieve 100% quiz mastery in a minimum of two passes through the content of each module. The exception to this rule is when a student achieves 100% quiz mastery in the first pass. In this case, the student does not need to make additional passes and can move on to the next module. If a student doesn’t achieve 100% mastery in the first pass, he or she has must complete as many passes as necessary to achieve 100%.

If a student gets less than 50% in the first pass, the attempt is assumed to be guessing, and is not counted. The system resets any mastery for this pass to 0%.

The first and second passes display the course content along with the quiz questions. After the second pass, students only attempt the quiz questions without viewing the course content. When the remaining number of questions to be mastered for the module is less than five, the system adds filler questions to bring the count to a minimum of five.

Students also complete a pre-course and post-course diagnostic quiz to measure learning in the course.

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