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Become a Seminar Developer or Instructor

Experts Needed

The Appraisal Institute has several exciting opportunities that may compliment your experience and expertise. Put your skills to great use by taking advantage of these following opportunities.

Seminar Developers Wanted

The Appraisal Institute is seeking practical, interactive, cutting edge, one-day (7-hour) seminars that offer appraisers diversification opportunities.

  • Basic Seminar Development Requirements
  • Topic has a national scope (not limited to a specific region)
  • Well-written student manual (no more than 100 pages)
  • Specific instructor notes
  • Clear visual aids
  • Can be taught by multiple qualified instructors
  • Can be taught in multiple locations

Developed One-Day Seminars

We are requesting submission of seminars for both clasroom and online that ideally can be taught, with provided instructor notes, by those other than the developer.

If you have developed a well-organized, one-day seminar on a timely topic that can be taught by other qualified instructors and in multiple locations please complete and return the following:

  • Seminar Submission Form
  • Seminar materials
  • Your résumé
  • Copies of program evaluations (if your seminar has been presented before)

Propose a Seminar

We also welcome the submission of classroom or online seminar proposals for the development of seminars that can be taught by multiple qualified instructors. If you are interested in submitting a seminar proposal, please complete and return the following:

Classroom proposals: Contact Fran Rosenstein at 312-335-4228 or e-mail

Online proposals: Contact Ray Martinez at 312-335-4208 or e-mail

Content Reviewers

Get paid to review online education programs.  Reviewers also receive a waived tuition fee, and Appraisal Institute and state credit if possible for the program.

Please contact Ray Martinez at for more information.

Become an Approved Appraisal Institute Instructor

For Current Appraisal Institute Designated Members

To qualify to become an approved Appraisal Institute instructor, a Designated Member must successfully complete an Instructor Leadership and Development Conference (ILDC) or other qualifying instructor program.

Based on need, the education department may schedule such a conference.

If a need exists, the Appraisal Institute will publish the dates and location of the program as well as the courses and seminars needing additional instructors, prerequisites/requirements for teaching each course/seminar, and the appropriate application procedure.

If you are interested in teaching for the AI, and would like to be notified directly when the next instructor program is scheduled, please send us an email and we will add you to our list.

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