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Attend a virtual program in real time with your instructor and classmates. Our rigorous advanced curriculum, as well as select continuing education titles, are available in a live online (synchronous) delivery format!

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Featured Live Online (Synchronous) Education

online-education-aboutUsing Spreadsheet Programs in Real Estate Appraisals

During this hands-on seminar, participants will use Microsoft Excel to develop a spreadsheet skill set that includes the use of thousands of the program’s applications. By developing spreadsheet skills that report statistical analysis and provide graphic illustrations, residential appraisers will have additional professional skills to meet the needs of a more diversified client base. More...

What is live online education? How does it work?

Live_Online_iStock_000012723256_SmallQuantitative Analysis

This course focuses on the practical application of quantitative tools for analyzing data, drawing appropriate conclusions from data sets, and presenting both the analysis and conclusions in ways that enhance communication with appraisal clients. It reviews and furthers the application of basic statistical measures (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, etc.) and spends a good deal of time on graphical and regression analysis. More...

What is live online education? How does it work?

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