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On Demand Online Education USPAP FAQ

On Demand Online Education USPAP FAQ Questions

Questions & Answers

When will Online 7-Hour and 15-Hour USPAP be available?

For Online 7-Hour USPAP and Online 15-Hour USPAP, we are hoping for an early fall release, pending AQB and state approvals, but we are unable to confirm a firm date of release.

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What are the minimum system requirements and supported browsers?

OS Browsers
Windows: XP, Vista, 7 and 8 IE9, IE10, Firefox 20, Chrome 26
Mac 10.8x Safari 6, Firefox 20, Chrome 26

We do not formally support the use of mobile devices/browsers for USPAP, however, the application functions well in iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3 with Safari 6 or higher.

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