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Options for Valuation Professionals

Why Join the Appraisal Institute?

As rapidly as the profession is changing, appraisers today need to prepare for the future. But it's tough to keep up on your own. Appraisal Institute opens the door for you to share in the collective wisdom and experience of 25,000 individuals who are working together to build a stronger future for the profession.

Candidate for Designation

For those who are state certified appraisers (or equivalent) with an interest in pursuing the prestigious Appraisal Institute MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, and AI-RRS Designations. We also welcome graduate students pursuing an MSRE, MRED, or an MBA with a concentration in real estate in an approved AI Master’s Degree Program.

Practicing Affiliate

For individuals who provide Service(s) as defined by the Code of Professional Ethics (CPE). Individuals who may qualify for this category could include, state certified, licensed, trainee, provisional, and registered appraisers (or have the equivalent education), or any individual who may provide Service(s) as defined by the CPE.

AI Designations

The MAI and SRA designations have long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions, and investors as marks of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.

The AI-GRS and AI-RRS Review designations have recently been created in response to the growing and critically important role that appraisal review plays in risk management and mitigation for many clients/users of appraisal services. Obtaining a designation shows your clients you have both education and experience that significantly surpasses the threshold needed for state certification, demonstrating professional knowledge, understanding and ability. Designated members make a commitment to pursue advanced education, maintain defined ethical requirements and promote higher expectations for the appraisal profession as a whole.

Former Designated Member Readmission Information

Requirements for readmission to Designated membership depend on the circumstances in which your membership lapsed. To readmit as a Designated member, you must fulfill certain requirements.

International Affiliation

Any interested real estate professional from any part of the world may join the Appraisal Institute.


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