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How much do you know about appraising golf courses and clubs? Find out by taking our 10-question quiz and getting a sneak peek into the Appraisal Institute’s latest book, Golf Property Analysis and Valuation: A Modern Approach.

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Real Estate Damages, third edition    
Price: $65.00           AI Price: $55.00                     



 Scope of Work,               second edition                 Price: $45.00                  AI Price: $35.00                                             




Identifying Residential Architectural Styles    Price: $50.00                   AI Price: $40.00




Golf Property Analysis and Valuation            Price: $60.00                     AI Price: $50.00






0784M    0760M     Market Analysis for Real Estate, second edition

The Appraisal of Real    Estate, 14th Edition      Price: $125.00                AI Price: $95.00

Market Analysis for Real Estate, 2nd Edition                Price: $95.00            AI Price: $75.00           
















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