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Strategic Plan (July 2016 - June 2019)

On May 20, 2016, the nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers announced a three-year strategic plan to address challenges and opportunities facing the organization and the real estate valuation profession.

The Appraisal Institute’s strategic plan outlines the organization’s core values, objectives and strategies from July 2016 through June 2019. 


  • LEADERSHIP: Advance the interest of AI professionals, the real estate valuation profession and the public with integrity and excellence.
  • PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Encourage and support the highest level of ethical and professional behavior of all Appraisal Institute professionals.
  • ADVOCACY: Represent the interest of the appraisal industry and work toward advancement of Appraisal Institute professionals within it.
  • INNOVATION: Continue to be thought leaders by promoting innovation and addressing current developments within the valuation profession via education, information resources, benefits and setting standards for the profession.
  • DISTINCTIVENESS: Elevate the Appraisal Institute and its members within the valuation profession by virtue of designations, education and body of knowledge.


  • Operate in ways that valuation professionals recognize as important and that encourage their ongoing affiliation with the Appraisal Institute.
  • Continue as the recognized leader of the real property valuation profession, including credentialing, ethics and standards, advocacy, the development and delivery of education, and the timely creation of quality programs and publications.
  • Operate efficiently to ensure Appraisal Institute’s financial stability.
  • Advance the Appraisal Institute as the leading international source of real property valuation knowledge. 

For information regarding Appraisal Institute's strategic initiatives contact us at: (888) 756-4624 or email


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