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A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships Coming Soon!



Available late June 2015!

A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships

By Bradley R. Carter, MAI

Appraising car dealerships can be challenging and successful valuers need to know about current trends in both real estate and in the automotive industry.  A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships provides up-to-date information on  

  • Market, site, location, and improvement analyses
  • Highest and best use and land valuation
  • Application of the cost, sales comparison, and income capitalization approaches to value
  • Report writing for auto dealership valuation assignments.

Economic trends, locational issues that affect dealerships, and re-imaging projects are also explored in depth. Readers will benefit from the real-life examples, detailed case studies, insights from industry experts, and practical  advice provided throughout the book.

A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships will prove useful to commercial real estate appraisers who wish to perform valuation assignments relating to these unique properties and to designers, developers,  investors, and operators of auto dealerships.

(2015) Softcover,  180 pages

Price: $50

AI Price: $40

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