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2022 Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions 8.2.22 10:30AM to 12:30PM

  • Appraisal Legislative and Regulatory Update     
  • Building A Bias Defense
  • Fannie Mae Policies and Initiatives Update        
  • Opening Pandora’s Box: The New Wild West of Appraisal Modernization
  • The Life of a Loan - Know Your Client to Improve Your Performance       

Breakout Sessions 8.2.22 1:30PM to 3:00PM

  • “Experts Beware: Calculating Damages Attributable to Environmental Impairment and Detrimental Conditions”.     
  • Keeping Pace With Demand: Why Now Is The Time For Valuation Professionals To Embrace Modern Technology      
  • Two Birds, One Stone - Working Efficiently With Trainees and Finding Supervisory Appraisers
  • Appraiser Diversity Initiative - Progress Made and the Opportunities Ahead     

Breakout Sessions 8.2.22 3:30PM to 5:00PM

  • Attainable Homeownership Through the New Class of Manufactured Homes       
  • AVM Standards - What's Next   
  • Dichotomy of an Island – When the Unpredictable External Forces Drives Value  
  • Growing Market Force for Green and HERS Rated Homes         
  • How to stop thinking linearly! Tools to interpret real market data  

Breakout Sessions 8.3.22 10:00AM to 12:00PM

  • A Measured Response - Mitigating racial valuation bias risk using ANSI measurement standards 
  • Leveraging Data and Technology to Stand Out with Customers   
  • Market Analysis for Market Conditions: Residential and . . .         
  • Preparing for the new UAD - Reporting Market Analysis / Highest & Best Use      
  • The Race to Solve Appraisal Bias - Appraisers Respond to The Brookings-Ashoka Challenge      

Breakout Sessions 8.3.22 1:30PM to 3:00PM

  • Let's Stop Guessing: How Lenders Measure Appraisal Success and Performance Metrics
  • Litigation and Arbitration: From Retention to Billing         
  • Much Ado About Desktops       
  • Right-of-Way Appraisal across American Indian, Alaska Native and U.S. Federal Land     
  • The Appraiser’s Role in Environmental Class Action Lawsuits     

Breakout Sessions 8.3.22 3:30PM to 5:00PM

  • Expanding Clientele and Service Range 
  • Modernization of the Appraiser Training Process
  • Traps for the Unwary Expert Witness... and How to Avoid Them  
  • Valuation of Outdoor Resorts (RV and Glamping Resorts)          
  • Working with the Federal government

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