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AI Candidate Advisor Program


Designated Members Become an AI Advisor!

How do I sign up to become an Advisor?

Contact and request that we register you for the free online orientation (should take less than half hour to complete) and complete the Advisor agreement form, presented at the end of the online Advisor Orientation.

A Candidate Advisor may receive up to 125 points (25 hours) of AI CE credit  in the category of “Service for Mentoring” (listed as Candidate Advisor) towards their AI CE cycle in accordance with the Bylaws, Regulation No. 10 and policies of the Appraisal Institute.

Learn more about becoming an AI Advisor for the Candidate for Designation Program.

Candidates Learn More About AI Advisors!

Learn more about the role of your AI Advisor in the Candidate for Designation program.

Chapters Recruit AI Advisors!

Learn more about how Chapters can recruit AI Advisors for the Candidate for Designation Program.



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