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Political Action Committee


To support federal candidates who have demonstrated their belief and understanding of the principles to which the profession is dedicated.



Taking the lead to advance valuation issues through contributions to the federal electoral process. Appraisal Institute PAC (AI PAC) provides a means for designated members and candidates to participate in the political process on a national level. AI PAC supports candidates who are committed to the principles that drive the appraisal profession. By providing this support, AI PAC helps develop strong congressional advocates for the appraisal profession and helps ensure that those advocates can continue working to promote the interests of appraisers for many years to come.

Watch Former Appraisal Institute Government Relations Committee Chair Justin Slack, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS,   AI-RRS discuss how AI PAC works


How are AI PAC funds used?

Contributions from AI PAC support the primary and general election campaign efforts of candidates for the U.S. Congress who support and promote the principles of the appraisal profession. AI PAC does not contribute to political parties, to presidential candidates, or to leadership political action committees.

What kind of candidates receive contributions from AI PAC?

AI PAC is a non-partisan political action committee, so we support both Republican and Democratic candidates with a proven record of supporting and promoting the legislative priorities of the appraisal profession. Special consideration is given to candidates who have worked closely with appraisers in the past, for example by sponsoring key legislation, and to candidates who hold positions on congressional committees that directly impact the Appraisal Institute's legislative goals. AI PAC may only make contributions to candidates seeking federal elective office; it cannot support state or local candidates.

Who can contribute to AI PAC?

Contributions can be made by individual designated members and candidates of the Appraisal Institute and their families, as well as by Appraisal Institute employees.  Federal law prohibits the AI PAC from accepting donations from other sources.

How can I contribute to AI PAC?

AI PAC ontributions can be made by credit card, echecks, and now via payment plans.

I have a question about AI PAC, whom can I contact?

Brian Rodgers, Appraisal Institute Manager of Federal Affairs can be reached by email at or by phone at (202) 298-5597.

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