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Grassroots Advoacy


The Appraisal Institute is committed to providing its designated members and candidates with useful and convenient resources to help them carry important messages to federal, state and local governments. The Appraisal Institute Washington office is available to help chapters and designated members and candidates with legislative and regulatory advocacy. Whether you need help with coalition building, policy research, or lobbying, the staff of the Appraisal Institute Washington office can help.

The Appraiser's Advocacy Toolbox

United States Congress and the Executive Branch

Find Your Elected Officials
Communicating with Elected Officials
Visiting Capitol Hill
Congressional Staff Roles
The Legislative Process
Contact Federal Agencies

State Legislatures

Find Your State Legislators Officials
State Legislative Protocols

Local Elected Officials

Find Information on Cities, Counties and Townships

Government Affairs Training

Appraisers in the Ring: Government Relations for Appraisers and the Appraisal Institute

The Appraisal Institute has developed a two-hour seminar on government relations and how it impacts appraisers and Appraisal Institute members. Titled Appraisers in the Ring, the new seminar provides information on federal, state and local government processes, best practices for effective government relations programs, and interactive problem-solving exercises. Information learned from the seminar can assist individuals or chapters in developing efficient and effective government relations activities and programs.

Download a copy of the Appraisers in the Ring” PowerPoint Presentation [PPT] and supplemental materials [PDF] .

Hosting Members of Congress

A great way to communicate with members of Congress is to invite them to local chapter meetings of the Appraisal Institute. Most members of Congress take periodic trips to their state/district, setting aside time to hear comments and concerns from constituents. Meeting with large audiences of constituents also gives elected officials an opportunity to meet new voters and do so in a way that is easy on their busy schedules. Similarly, constituent meetings give designated members and candidates of the Appraisal Institute an opportunity to interact with policymakers who have a say in the laws and regulations that govern their profession. At the very least, this interaction helps educate the elected officials about the appraisal process and the Appraisal Institute.

The next time your chapter is looking for a speaker, consider inviting your members of Congress!

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