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March 21, 2018

Appraisal Institute Partners with RESNET to Create Appraisal Portal

The Appraisal Institute on March 13 announced its partnership with the Residential Energy Services Network to launch an appraiser portal that allows AI professionals to access data for properties with Home Energy Rating System Index scores. Information available to appraisers includes:
  • A home’s HERS Index score;
  • the date a home received its HERS rating;
  • the company that completed the HERS rating;
  • the name of a home’s builder and
  • the year a home was built.
Appraisers also can use the data to search for homes in their markets using a range of HERS Index scores so they can make market-based comparable analysis.
AI professionals focused on residential valuation may register for a March 28 webinar on how to use the portal.
Read more about the partnership and watch a related video.

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