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Residential Experience Requirement - SRA Path

What Qualifies for Residential Experience Credit for the SRA Designation Path?

The Definition of Residential Experience is work relating to residential real estate that is covered by the Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Institute, or experience gained by providing practical solutions to residential real property economics problems as may be further defined by the Admissions and Designation Qualifications Committee (ADQC).
Certification Standard
The Appraisal Institute Certification Standard requires Candidates and Designated members to include certain certification statements in addition to those required by USPAP, IVS, or applicable standards. Candidates and Designated members are required to use the exact wording for all of statements required by the Certification Standard.
All work for which experience is claimed must have been performed for a business purpose (mock experience is ineligible).

Reports must be submitted in their entirety, which means that the report is to be submitted just as it was sent to the client. Reports are not to be edited or altered in any way for the experience process.

Residential Criteria and Resources

Experience Guidebook This document includes guidelines for submission of experience, experience screening tips for Candidates preparing for a successful interview, mass appraisal guidelines, instructions and application for college instructors, Appraisal Institute Certification Statements (required), etc.

Common Errors & Issues Learn how to avoid common errors.

Common Errors & Issues in Review Learn how to avoid common errors in appraisal review.

Advisory Guidance Program Application FREE Option for Candidates for Designation. Candidates have the opportunity to apply for Advisory Guidance which will provide an independent evaluation of your work and help you understand the requirements for specialized experience credit – all for free!

Review Experience FAQs Common questions regarding the review experience requirement process.


Online Application - Residential Experience Credit (secured)

Residential List of Assignments (EXCEL)

Note: Filling in your experience log on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or monthly) will ensure that your experience details are captured efficiently and accurately. PDF Application (if online is not available).



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