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Resources for Attorneys

Welcome to the attorney section of the Appraisal Institute website! In this section, you’ll find a variety of resources specifically for attorneys, including:

  • "Find an Appraiser" online directory
  • AI publications and periodicals pertinent to attorneys
  • AI education relevant to attorneys
  • Information on how to join the Appraisal Institute as an Affiliate

Find an Appraiser with Courtroom Credentials

When you need a real estate appraiser for your case, look to Designated members of the Appraisal Institute. Quality education, proven experience, well-established methodology and a commitment to upholding strict ethics and standards make our MAI, SRPA or SRA designations powerful courtroom credentials.

Appraisal Institute Designated members who provide litigation services as part of their practice can serve as strong expert witnesses, with the ability to address matters in which real estate valuation plays a central role, including:

  • Eminent domain and zoning
  • Condemnation
  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Corporate valuations
  • Property tax
  • Bankruptcy
  • Title insurance

Find an Appraiser Now!

Appraisal Institute Books & Resources for Attorneys

The Appraisal Institute offers a range of publications that are of interest to attorneys interested in learning more about valuation issues.


Apply today to become an Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute and receive a 20% discount on all Appraisal Institute publications!

Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 5th Edition 
Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th Edition 
Real Estate Valuation in Litigation
Valuing Contaminated Properties: An Appraisal Institute Anthology 
Business Enterprise Value Anthology 
Real Estate Damages: An Analysis of Detrimental Conditions
The Valuation of Billboards 
Scope of Work 
Valuing Undivided Interests in Real Property


The Appraisal Journal 
Valuation Magazine  

The Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Library

The Lum Library, funded by the Appraisal Institute Education Trust, provides FREE reference services in the subject area of real estate appraisal.

Browse the online catalog now!

Need more resources? Join now and receive full access to the library’s entire online catalog!

Appraisal Education for Attorneys

The Appraisal Institute offers a range of education that is relevant to attorneys interested in learning more about valuation issues.

Courses and Seminars

Valuation of Conservation Easements
Condemnation Appraising: Basic Principles and Applications
Complex Litigation Appraisal Case Studies 


Litigation Assignments for Residential Appraisers: Doing Expert Work on Atypical Cases

Participants will learn valuable tools for solving complex appraisal problems, including techniques for presenting and defending appraisal conclusions and opinions. These residential valuation techniques will be illustrated with three case studies.

 Professional Development Program: Litigation

The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation and Testimony

This two-day course introduces the basic concepts and strategies needed to engage in litigation valuation. It explores the scope of activities appraisers can expect in a legal action, including assessing the status of a case, developing a USPAP-compliant appraisal without preparing a written report, and understanding legal terminology and jargon. The course addresses how litigation assignments differ from lender assignments and how to market appraisal services to litigation clients.

Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications

This two-day course provides an overview of business opportunities in specialized types of litigation other than eminent domain in which the valuation of real estate is frequently an issue. Examples of topics covered include environmental contamination, ad valorem tax assessments, construction defects, bankruptcies, fraud and misrepresentation cases, income and estate tax disputes, and divorces.

Condemnation Appraising: Principles & Applications

Gain an understanding of the eminent domain process, rules and regulations governing condemnation appraisals and important issues unique to this appraisal specialty. Acquire the tools to address issues such as the valuation rules used by different jurisdictions, identification and valuation of the larger parcel and the estimation of damages and benefits. Examines advanced applications of appraisal techniques and problem-solving in condemnation cases.

For more information about the Litigation Professional Development Program, please see our FAQs.

Become an Affiliate and understand the evolving appraisal industry!

Why become an Affiliate?

  • Get to know appraisal experts and become knowledgeable about the work they perform
  • Appraisal Institute benefits provide discounts on education and publications and other perks
  • Appraisal Institute publications like The Appraisal Journal and Valuation magazine keep you abreast of industry issues

Who can become an Affiliate?

  • Professionals in allied industries who do not perform work identified by the standards of professional practice, yet share in the interests and concerns of the appraisal profession.

What are the standard Affiliate fees?

  • National fees are $210 per year, but are prorated for Affiliates joining between January 1 and October 31. Affiliates joining after October 31 are charged full dues for the upcoming year.
  • Local chapter dues vary – please refer to the Affiliate application

Questions? E-mail aiservice[at] or call 888-7JOINAI (888-756-4624).

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