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General Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement

Seven Options Available!

Get acquainted with the General Demonstration of Knowledge requirement options and will assist you in selecting the right one for you!

The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General

This guidebook provides the most comprehensive document to assist you with selecting an option to satisfy your Demonstration of Knowledge requirement.

Register for: Capstone Program Option


A pre-class FMA writing assignment must be complated and submitted at least one week before the second webinar. If the assignment is not submitted and approved by the deadline, AI will terminate the Candidate’s non-refundable enrollment in the Capstone program offering.

General Demonstration of Knowledge Applications

Application: Traditional General Demo Option

Written appraisal report setting forth the analysis and conclusions, which will lead the reader to concur with the opinion of value.

Application: E-Demo Option

Apprasial report submitted over a timelime. Candidate paired with an E-Demo Advisor(s) who will review each section of the report and provide feedback via a dedicated online community.

Application: Research Project Option

Original research that expands the overall body of knowledge of the appraisal profession. The proposed Research Project is to be of sufficient scope and complexity. Sample Project Outline and Sample Project Topics

Application: Peer Reviewed Publications Option

Peer reviewed publications based on original research (in a field related to real property economics)

Application: Thesis Option

Master’s thesis or a Doctoral dissertation

Application: Defense of Reports Option

3-5 enchanced demonstration appraisal report submissions and oral interview



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