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Residential Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement

Five Options Available!

The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: Residential

This guidebook provides the most comprehensive document to assist you with selecting an option to satisfy your Demonstration of Knowledge requirement.

45-Hour Residential Demonstration Appraisal Report Option Course Package

Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies/Part 1 (this is also a required course and exam for the SRA Designation path)

Advanced Residential Report Writing/Part 2

Please Note: To fulfill the demonstration of knowledge requirement, the following two courses must be taken as a package over a span of consecutive days at the same location.

Residential Demonstration of Knowledge Applications

Application: Traditional Residential Demo

Complete appraisal in the self-contained format with all three approaches to value applied to one subject property. The property must be considered obsolete and in a physically unfixable state of deterioration.

Application: Peer Reviewed Publications Option

Peer reviewed publications based on original research (in a field related to real property economics)

Application: Thesis Option

Master’s thesis or a Doctoral dissertation

Application: Defense of Reports Option

3-5 enchanced demonstration appraisal report submissions and oral interview



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