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Chapter FYI from AI


Important Dates & Deadlines


13 | Valuation education advertisement deadline
23 | Deadline for 2018 chapter/region dues and fees amounts to be submitted
26 - 27 | Chapter Leadership Program, Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago. Learn more here.


1 | Chapter bylaws updates submission deadline
2-3 | Release of NEW 15-hour Green Commercial Appraisal course for general real estate appraisers: Practical Applications in Appraising Green Commercial Properties, Nashville, TN. Learn more here.
10 | Premiere of Solving Land Valuation Puzzles, Chicago. Learn more here.
16-17 | AI Board of Directors Meeting


31 | Chapter Co-Op Advertising Reimbursement Program submission deadline. Learn more here.
31 | Q4 Online Revenue Share submission deadline

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Jan. 23-24 | National Committee Meetings, Chicago, IL
Feb. 14 | Leadership Development and Advisory Council (LDAC) registration opens
Feb. 22-23 | AI Board of Directors 1st Quarter Meeting, Chicago, IL
May 10-11 | AI Board of Directors 2nd Quarter Meeting, Chicago, IL
May 16-18 | LDAC, Washington, DC
July 29 | Region Meetings, Nashville, TN
July 30 - Aug. 1 | AI Annual Conference, Nashville, TN
Aug. 2-3 | AI Board of Directors 3rd Quarter Meeting, Nashville, TN
Oct. 11-12 | Chapter Leadership Program, Chicago, IL (dates tentative)
Nov. 15-16 | AI Board of Directors 4th Quarter Meeting, Chicago, IL

New Announcements

2018 AI Chapter and Region Dues/Fees Entry by Oct. 23 | The web form for chapters (and regions) to enter their 2018 dues/fees amounts will be open until the end of the day on Monday, October 23.  If no amounts are entered by that time, 2017 dues and fees amounts will be included on the 2018 invoice.  There will be no opportunity to enter data after 10/23.  
New Online Education Course Receives Positive Reviews: Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings | The Appraisal Institute’s newest online education course, Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings, debuted August 15 and is receiving positive reviews from students.  Developed and taught online by Tracy L. Reiss, MAI, the course features real-world examples to provide practice with this new type of construction and development, and with new investor and tenant types who have knowledge of the benefits of sustainability. Each of the approaches to value are visited, along with a narrative outline for describing the typical commercial green property. Additionally, resources that aid in documenting the appraisal process are provided. This course will help participants increase their knowledge of green buildings and facilitate the development of credible valuation techniques for use in this emerging property type. To register or for more information, click here.
AI Seeks Proposals for Sessions at 2018 Annual Conference | The Appraisal Institute is seeking proposals by Dec. 1 for presentations at the Appraisal Institute 2018 Annual Conference, July 30-Aug. 1, in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference theme is "Setting the Stage for Success."
Attendees of previous AI Annual Conferences said they were particularly interested in these topics:
Business best practices
New technology and resources
Sustainability in real estate
Capital markets issues
Market analysis
International valuation
Property rights issues
Litigation support
Residential issues and practices.
Learn more about submitting a presentation.

The Education Committee recently adjusted the timeline for all classroom and synchronous registration and online session end dates (see chart below).  
This affects the following four courses:
Advanced Income Capitalization
Advanced Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use
Quantitative Analysis
Advanced Concepts and Case Studies

Important Deadlines for MAI Designation Education



Official FIRST day of course—day online session begins

28 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to register for and submit the Diagnostic Test

21 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to receive a “pass” confirmation on Diagnostic Test

14 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to register for the course with printed materials*

14 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to register for the course* 

5  days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to cancel registration with full refund

15 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to cancel registration with $150 cancellation fee

14 days or less BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to cancel registration with -0- refund

7 days or less BEFORE the classroom session begins

Last day to complete online session

2 days BEFORE the classroom session begins

Those with chapter access to the Knowledge Center will now see the Instructor Materials for the programs that they are set to offer.  This will assist you if your instructors contact you about materials.  Also, the Education Committee now allows solution booklets to be sent to the student in advance for direct ship, and are immediately available to download by registrants on the Knowledge Center.  If your students are receiving their materials direct ship or download, then solutions will only need to be ordered for those that are pick up on-site.
*Update – Please note that there are a handful of temporary exceptions to this as our development staff works on some content changes needed to allow for this. Please see list of courses affected.
Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
• Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Buildings
Quantitative Analysis 
Residential & Commercial Valuation of Solar
Consider the bulk shipping option when setting up new classes in OLRS
  • All materials are sent directly to chapter or location of the class.
  • Students have immediate access to materials via the Knowledge Center upon registration and for one year after the class.
  • Bulk shipping will typically save between 50-85% off costs.
  • Option must be selected at least 30 days before the start of the class.
Minimize last-minute shipping
  • Order materials sooner than 8 business days before the start of the class to ensure materials are shipped via UPS Ground. 
  • Order a few extra solutions and exams (if applicable) in case of walk-ins or late registrations
Take advantage of downloadable materials option
  • Direct late registrants to Knowledge Center for download only option when you do not have hard copies available.
  • Encourage download only option to all (no shipping costs to the chapter). This is easily set up in the OLRS section, Offering Administration, under #3 - View/Edit Direct Ship Indicator.
For all offerings of the NEW Practical Application in Appraising Green Commercial Properties course, an additional “contact information opt-out” form will be sent to the chapter to be passed around to students during class. Once the form is completed, chapters will need to send the completed form to The reason for this form and the language that appears on the form is below. If you have questions, please contact Mallory Whaley,
The materials for the Practical Applications in Appraising Green Commercial Properties course include images provided by CoreLogic/Marshall & Swift products. The Appraisal Institute has agreed to send CoreLogic contact information of attendees who take the course so that CoreLogic can send communications to course participants after the class has ended. If you do NOT want to receive communication from CoreLogic/Marshall & Swift, please check the box before your name. 
When registering students, they must have created an AI username and password before registration, and you must ask them to do so. They must have this established in order for them to have accessibility to various items on the web site and Knowledge Center. Please do not register students without these credentials.

Classroom Education | Now Available: 

Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems: Click here for more information on this NEW seminar!
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions: Practical Applications: For course description and more information, click here.  View AI’s webinar, Yellow Book Changes - Overview for Appraisers, to learn about changes in the 6th edition of the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions. To download a FREE electronic copy of the Yellow Book click here.
Valuation of Conservation Easements: Click here for recently updated course description and other details.

Classroom Education | Coming Soon: 

Practical Applications in Appraising Green Commercial Properties: NEW 15-hour course will replace the classroom course titled Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings. Based on the soon-to-be released publication, The Valuation of Green Commercial Real Estate. Release of NEW course November 2-3 in Nashville! Release to Chapters immediately after premiere.
Solving Land Valuation Puzzles: NEW 7-hour seminar for general and residential appraisers. A collection of mini-case studies spurs discussion specific to land valuation studies, including highest and best use considerations, land residual analysis, contamination, and tax increment financing impacts on feasibility, among others. Premieres November 10 in Chicago! Release to Chapters in November.
General Income Approach/Part 1
UPDATE/Revision available end of year 2017.

Condemnation Appraising: Principles & Applications
UPDATE/Revision available end of year 2017.

Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
UPDATE/Revision set to be released by December 2017.
Business Practices and Ethics 
UPDATE/Revision to be released January (maybe sooner).

Classroom Education | Coming 2018:

In the Eye of the Hurricane: Understanding an Investigation by a State Regulatory Board Agency: NEW 4-hour seminar for residential and general appraisers. Explores why a state investigation is serious business, how the process works (in general), how a complaint begins, the consequences of sanctions, the role of USPAP, and what can be learned from disciplinary actions. Tentative release in December. 

Evaluating Commercial Leases: The Tenant and the Terms Both Matter
This NEW 7-hour entry-level seminar will be targeted to general appraisers, lenders, and review appraisers. More information coming soon. Tentative premiere and release to Chapters May 2018. 
Rural Properties
This NEW 7-hour seminar will be based on the new Rural Property Valuation book. Tentative 3rd Quarter 2018 premiere. 
General Income Approach/Part 2
UPDATE/Revision available in 2018
General Site Valuation & Cost
MAJOR REVISION available in 2018.
General Report Writing & Case Studies
MAJOR REVISION available in 2018.
Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics & Applications
15-hour PDP Revision. Tentative release 3rd Quarter 2018.
The Appraiser as an Expert Witness
15-hour PDP Revision. Tentative release 3rd Quarter 2018.
Valuing Leasehold Interests
NEW 7-hour seminar. Tentative 3rd or early 4th Quarter 2018 premiere. 
Litigation Skills for the Appraiser (title TBD)
NEW 7-hour seminar based on the retired seminar. Tentative premiere: 3rd or 4th Quarter 2018.
Analyzing Tenant Credit Risk and Commercial Lease Analysis 
Unraveling the Mysteries of Fannie Mae 

Marketing Flyers Available for Chapters

If interested in obtaining the pdf of one or more of the flyers listed below, please contact Mallory Whaley ( 

• NEW! Practical Applications for Appraising Green Commercial Properties
• Solving Land Valuation Puzzles
Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems
Valuation of Conservation Easements
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions: Practical Applications
Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Building


Newly Designated Members
Recognize and congratulate newly Designated Members in your chapter! A list of all individuals who were recently designated is available here.
Volunteer of Distinction Program
Nine Individuals Honored as AI ‘Volunteer of Distinction’ in Q3
The Appraisal Institute announced Oct. 4 the recognition of nine individuals as a “Volunteer of Distinction” for the third quarter: Pledger M. “Jody” Bishop III, MAI, SRA, (Region IX); Dori D. Bower, MAI, (Region IX); Clint D. Dorris, SRA, (Region IX); Jean M. Gannon, SRA, AI-RRS, (Region V); Dustin A. Lewis, MAI, SRA, (Region IX); Jason L. Messner, MAI, (Region III); Richard F. Odom Jr., MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, (Region IX); Wesley R. Sanders, MAI, AI-GRS, (Region X); and Joseph B. Woods, SRA, (Region IX).
Please note an important program change effective as of July 1. VOD honorees are now recognized on a quarterly basis, as opposed to monthly, i.e. Q4 2017 honorees will be recognized in January, as opposed to individual honorees for October, November and December. Any AI professional may nominate another AI professional directly at, using the form on the AI website.
All honorees still will be promoted via the President’s Message, local news release and Appraiser News Online, and chapters will continue to be provided a certificate for each honoree from their chapter.
Check out the updated Nomination Form and Program Description for further details


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