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Commitment to Diversity

“The Appraisal Institute invites all appraisers and interested parties to join the Appraisal Institute. Our commitment to diversity extends to everyone and it allows our members to participate in the Appraisal Institute on all levels, ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunities for everyone.”

Sara W. Stephens, MAI
2012 Appraisal Institute President

Diversity Committee Mission Statement:

To create an inclusive environment that encourages and supports all members, perspectives and talents and embraces all people interested in pursuing a professional appraisal career, enabling all to contribute at their highest potential.

Diversity Committee Vision Statement:

"We envision an organization where diversity is valued as highly as our profession. Our people are our most valuable asset."

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy

Unique Opportunities for Minorities and Women

The Minorities and Women Directory is a search tool for local, state, and federal agencies and financial institutions that would like to, or are required to, assign a portion of their work to qualifying minorities, women and persons with disabilities. Designated members and Candidates for Designation of the Appraisal Institute can add themselves to this directory for increased visibility.

The AIET Minorities and Women AI Course Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to help Candidates for Designation in advanced designation states achieve their designation. To


learn more about the scholarship requirements, or to apply, click here

The AIET Minorities and Women Education Scholarship is awarded to minority and women undergraduate students pursing academic degrees in real estate appraisal or related fields. To learn more about the scholarship requirements, or to apply, click here.

Appraisal Institute Designation Education Vouchers

Sponsored by the Appraisal Institute Diversity Committee, the Designation Education Voucher scholarships are awarded to qualified Appraisal Institute Candidates for Designation.
Learn More Here.

Questions or additional information, contact:

Diane Rouse
Diversity Committee Staff Liaison

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