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Volunteers of Distinction 2016


Appraisal Institute Recognition Program

Appraisal Institute Designated Members, Candidates for Designation, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates provide volunteer service to their organization, their profession and their communities.

vod-cert-imageThe Appraisal Institute’s recognition program honors volunteers for their service to the Appraisal Institute, to the real estate valuation profession and to their local communities. Each month, the Appraisal Institute recognizes one honoree in each region as a Volunteer of Distinction.

Any AI professional in good standing who makes contributions to the Appraisal Institute, the appraisal profession or their local community is eligible to be recognized. Chapter executive directors submit nominations, on a form provided on the Appraisal Institute’s website, to their region executive director. Any AI professional may make suggestions to chapter executive directors. Region executive directors, in consultation as necessary with their region chair and/or vice chair, select honorees each month for their regions.

Regional nominations should be sent to Brent Roberts, 

Download the nomination form
Download a one-page program description


December 2016









John D. Penner, MAI, Region VII

View news release

November 2016

Anglyn_110x132 MorlanIII_110x132 StephensGreg_110x132 Vick_110x132    
William T. "Ted" Anglyn, MAI, Region IX
View news release


Thomas P. Morlan III MAI, SREA, SRA, Region X
View news release

Gregory E. Stephens, SRA, 
 Region VIII

View news release
Bryan D. Vick, MAI 
 Region VII

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October 2016









Jennifer Hsu, MAI, Region VII

View news release

September 2016









Eric C. Schneider, MAI, Region VII

View news release

July 2016









C. Kevin Bokoske, MAI, AI-GRS, AI-RRS Region X

View news release

Carole T. Laval, SRA Region I

View news release

June 2016

Drew_110x132 Guarnieri_110x132 Lehmayer_110x132 Petrie_110x132    
John R. Drew, MAI, Region IV
View news release


Trisha P. Guarnieri, MAI, AI-GRS, Region X
View news release

Eric M. Lehmayer  MAI, 
 Region VI

View news release
Frederick J. Petrie, SRA, 
 Region V

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May 2016









Aaron M. Carone, MAI, Region IX

View news release

Albert R. Crosby, MAI, Region VI

View news release

April 2016









Robert Mesner, MAI, AI-GRS, Region X

View news release

Edward Molinari, SRA, Region VI

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March 2016









Robert E. James, Jr., Candidate for Designation,
 Region VII

View news release

Elaine Liz-Ramirez, MAI, 
 Region X

View news release
William M. "Mike" Rinner, MAI, AI-GRS,
 Region II

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February 2016






J. Roger Ball, Jr., MAI, Region IX
View news release

Steven L. Marshall, MAI, SPRA, SRA,      AI-GRS, Region X   View news release

January 2016






Chris Johnson, MAI, SRA
 Region V

View news release

Thomas Rodgers, MAI, SRA
 Region III 

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