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Client Education

Appraisal Training

Connect your organization with the best appraisal training available! Whether you are interested in mastering the fundamentals of valuation or have interest in a specific appraisal topic, the Appraisal Institute can assist you or your staff. The Appraisal Institute will provide your employees with a group training program that fits your organization’s needs right in your own conference room. We provide everything you need to make the program successful, including qualified instructors, manuals, texts and other supplies.

Government Training

Raise and develop the skills of your government staff with Appraisal Institute’s high-quality training programs developed by experienced appraisal professionals. We offer a large selection of training programs to understand valuation, the appraisal process, compliance, and standards in real estate appraisal industry. Our on-site delivery is convenient, cost-effective, flexible, and taught by top-notch professional and designated real estate appraisers.

Lenders Training

Lending professionals who need to understand valuation and the appraisal process can turn to the Appraisal Institute for high-quality training programs developed by experienced appraisal professionals. Packed with timely information that your lending staff can immediately put to use, our training programs offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency, covering top-of-mind topics such as appraisal review, distressed commercial real estate, and quality assurance.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Topics

Choose any of the listed on our website. Gain an excellent foundation in the fundamental valuation concepts and methodologies. Or narrow your focus to appraisal specialties such as eminent domain or federal land acquisitions.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

We have one-, two- four-, and five-day program options that can be presented during the day, evenings, or weekends. Just let us know what works best for your staff and schedule.

Top Notch Instructors

All of our programs are taught by qualified Appraisal Institute instructors, who are also practicing appraisers. All programs qualify for Appraisal Institute continuing education credit, and arrangements can be made for state credit as well.

Single Seminars, Multiple Courses, Packages Available

Arrange a group offering for a single course, multiple courses, or sign up your staff for an entire “package.”

Appraisal Institute Programs Especially of Interest

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