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What is the AI Knowledge Center?

The center is a web platform that provides AI content specific to the various AI audiences, which houses downloadable education program e-materials and other frequently requested education documents, applications and forms. Students that register for classroom programs receive immediate access to the education materials. It also provides students the opportunity to direct purchase e-materials if an offering is not available or nearby! Student handbooks are formatted to allow note-taking, so they can be used directly on your lap top or tablet in class!

The center maintains a personalized library for each individual. Programs registered for or purchased will show under the individuals “My Programs” section on the home page, once signed in.


  • Access to downloadable education e-materials for those registered
  • Direct purchase e-materials
  • One year access to e-materials after registration or purchase
  • Resources section to download commonly requested education forms (challenge, re-exam, certificate request forms)


  • Access to downloadable education e-materials when approved to teach
  • Accessible as long as approved
  • Resources section to download instructor policies, manuals, presentations, and audit applications


  • Access to downloadable education e-materials when offering program
  • Resources section to download chapter policies, manuals, student forms, and applications

 (Requires Sign-In with AI Username and Password)

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