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Contact Appraisal Institute Education Department

Please use the links below to email the Education department or call us at the number listed below.

Contact Classroom Education 

Online Education Inquiries

  • How do you take online education?
  • Are there materials with online education?
  • Can I take on-demand online education at my own pace?
  • What is the difference between on-demand online education and synchronous education?
  • I need assistance with registration.
  • Where can I find a list of online classes and prices?
  • Is online education approved in my state?
  • I did not receive my introductory email to start my program.
  • I need to cancel my online program.
  • I need to request an extension or transfer.
  • I did not pass the quiz. How long does it take for the instructor to get back to me?
  • At what point can I print the materials?
  • I did not receive my online education certificate or need a new one issued.
Contact Online Education 
  • I log in, but do not see the program for which I am registered.
  • I receive a blank or black screen.
  • I cannot move to the next module as it keeps asking me for a password.
  • I keep getting kicked out of my class; it has timed out.
  • I was in the middle of my quiz and it the class started over again.
  • I finished my quiz and it said I did not complete it.
  • The system will not allow me to answer a question.
Online Technical Support 

Classroom Education: 866-941-2128 (toll-free) or 312-335-4207
Online Education: Phone: 877-674-2447 (toll-free) or 312-335-4473

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