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    Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers

    April 26, 2024 Woodland, CA
    April 26, 2024
    Woodland, CA
    Northern California Chapter
    Lamar Ellis
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    AL CE 7 Classroom Classroom 05/18/2023 09/30/2024 C02840 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
    CA CE 7 Classroom Classroom 06/27/2023 06/26/2027 23CP754601540 (Northern California Chapter)
    FL CE 7 Classroom Classroom 05/07/2023 05/07/2025 10536 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
    GA CE 7 Classroom Classroom 04/10/2023 04/10/2025 76407 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
    LA CE 7 Classroom Classroom 03/30/2023 04/30/2024 A0004 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
    MS CE 7 Classroom Classroom 04/26/2023 04/26/2025 50496 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
    SC CE 7 Classroom Classroom 11/18/2022 08/31/2024 CE2064 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    TN CE 7 Classroom Classroom 11/29/2022 01/31/2025 2637 (Alabama-Mississippi Chapter)
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    Event Information

    Watts-Woodland Airport, Inc.
    17992 County Road 94B
    Woodland, CA 95695 USA

    About Watts-Woodland Airport, Inc.

    • Watts-Woodland Airport is a historic destination - learn more
    • It is the oldest privately owned pubic airport in the United States
    • BONUS: If a student wants to fly in for the class, there is no charge for flying in or out on a day use basis. The airport identifier is O-41.

    Program Hours, Lunch and Materials

    Onsite check-in will begin at 8:00am on Friday, April 26. "Live / In-Person" Instruction will run from 8:30am – 4:30pm (Pacific Time). Registrants will be on their own for lunch. Refreshments will be provided thorughout the day. There is no examination associated with this CEC offering.

    Prior to the offering, registrants will be sent a link to download the seminar materials. These materials will not be available in your AI MyAccount portal. It is recommended that you bring a printed copy of the materials with you to the seminar.

    Travel Logistics: Airport and Local Lodging

    • Sacramento International SMF is the nearest airline airport.

    There are several hotels in Woodland close to I-5 and easy to reach from SMF
    - Hampton Inn and Suites - Get Details
    - Holiday Inn Express - Get Details

    There are also a couple of hotels with more amenties nearby Watts-Woodland Airport, with restaurants in walking distance and other attractions:
    - Best Western Plus Palm Court Hotel - Davis, CA - Get Details
    - Hotel Winters - Winters, CA - Get Details

    Required Equipment

    While not required, some registrants may find a viewing device (ipad, phone, or laptop) helpful during instruction. Note: Electrical outlets are limited; students will need to bring their own extension cords / power strips.

    Education Credit Hours and Attendance Verifications
    Those who check in late, leave early or are not in attendance during non-scheduled breaks may jeopardize receipt of credit.

    Appraisal Institute: Full attendance (100%) and successful completion of the seminar enables Designated Members and Practicing Affiliates to receive 35 AI CEC points.

    BREA Continuing:Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisershas is approved for 7-hours of BREA CEC (#23CP754601540). Licensed/certified appraisers seeking BREA CEC must meet the 100% attendance requirement.

    BREA Basic/Qualifying: Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers is not approved for BREA qualifying education (QE) credit.

    SBE Training Credit: An application for 7-hours of SBE Training Credit for Assessors is being submitted. Full attendance is required.

    If you are seeking credit for this offering from a state outside of California, check with your state licensing board(s) to make sure an out-of-state offering will be accepted before registering. It is best to speak directly with a representative from your board rather than relying on information posted to the web.
    Note: Some states outside of California may have additional reporting requirements that the chapter is not able to comply with.

    Registrants should be sure their appraiser license/certification numbers are entered in the AI registration (MyAccount) system or a certificate will not be generated. License numbers are listed under Profile in your AI Student Portal (MyAccount) or can be added as “Other” License. Incomplete or expired information results in the inability to download certificates from your AI MyAccount portal.

    Attendance Verification Process Effective 10/01/19
    Verified attendance certificates will be available for downloading within 15 working days of the offering

    • Logging into My Account
    • Select EDUCATION
    • Click on the specific offering that you are seeking the certificate for; it will show REGISTERED
    • Scroll to the very bottom of the screen to (1) RETRIEVE CERTIFICATE

    Note: Effective 10/01/19 students will be able to access their attendance certificates 24/7 through the Appraisal Institute's netFORUM association management program. The Northern California Chapter does not have direct access to certificates for programs held after this time. Any issues in retrieving certificates should be brought directly to the attention of the Appraisal Institute's Education Delivery Department at 312/335-4207 or .

    Confirmation Emails

    All confirmed registrants will receive a payment receipt plus a separate confirmation by email. Emails are sent to the email you have on file in your MyAccount portal. Be sure that you can accept emails from each of the following email addresses:


    Any last minute updates to this offering will most likely be sent from

    If you do not receive emails on a regular basis from the Northern California Chapter (, be sure to visit our homepage and sign-up to receive our emails. Registrants will not want important details like location changes or material downloads defaulting to spam / junk or be classified as undeliverable. Those who work for financial institutions or government agencies my need to enlist the assistance of their IT Department to insure email delivery.

    Questions? Contact Us
    Northern California Chapter
    925/932-7753 l 916/972-9700
    via email

    The Northern California Chapter looks forward to welcoming you back to a "LIVE" in-person educational offering.

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    CEC Approvals: Approval outside of California or acceptance of out-of-state providers cannot be guaranteed. If you are seeking credit for this offering from a state outside of California, check directly with your state licensing board(s) - before registering - to make sure that they will accept credit from an out-of-state provider. Some states may have special pre-approval or reporting requirements that the chapter is not able to comply with. Use caution in relying on website approvals as they may not be up-to-date. We are not applying for credit outside of California for this chapter-developed offering.

    COVID Protocols: All registrants attending a live-classroom offering do so at their own risk. Each registrant is individually responsible for being aware of and following state, city and county COVID protocols and guidelines.

    About the Seminar

    The 7-hour presentation on “Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers” is broken down into 5 distinctive sections, known as Flight Briefings. The Flight Briefings are as follows:

    1. Types of drones
    2. Real Estate Uses of drones
    3. Trends of drones
    4. Rules and Regulations
    5. Mission Day

    Our First Flight Briefing is on Types of Drones. We are going to learn what defines a drone and the different environments that they can operate in. For Real Estate, we are going to focus on aerial uncrewed vehicles. There are basically three types of drones that are used for aerial inspections. That’s because different types of drones are better suited for different environments. We are going to close out Types of Drones with a discussion of the additional equipment and tools necessary to conduct operations.

    Our Second Flight Briefing will be focused on 10 different Real Estate Uses for drones. Drones deliver aerial access and perspectives that were previously unavailable. They are easy to use and have a relatively low operational cost with safety built-in. We are going to learn how an aerial mission can collect actionable data for different Real Estate Uses

    Our Third Briefing We will discover the tools used to gather actionable data, from onboard sensors to computer programs. We are also going to learn about the support systems that are being used to aid in aerial operations.

    For Our Fourth Flight Briefing We are going to be introduced to the Rules and Regulations. We are going to discuss the current public issues and concerns regarding privacy, security, and safety. From the Federal Government to the general public, we will learn about resources available for permissions, authorizations, and waivers to fly. We must understand more than just airspace, pleading ignorance is not a defense.

    Our Final Flight Briefing is called Mission Day. It is time to fly and do a field inspection. We are ready, the drone is airworthy, and the crew is ready. It’s time to recheck today’s flight information. We are going to learn to expect the unexpected and how to identify the main hazards and risks inherent through a series of Case Studies. Finally, we will take to the air and discuss the photographs and videos needed to get our client the data they want.

    “Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers” provides a realistic and thorough approach to using drones to gather useful data that can be used by a variety of different real estate businesses. Whether we want to fly a drone for your business or hire a pilot, this presentation provides us with the information We need.

    About the Instructor

    Lamar Ellis is the President of Drone Education Services. He wants to open your mind to the benefits of aerial inspections. He is an Appraisal Institute MAI, SRA designated appraiser, FAA Safety Team Representative and State of Georgia DronePro, and the AUVSI Georgia Chapter President.

    Along with providing aerial data for various real estate industries he also provides training and education for pilots and clients. Lamar’s work has led him to travel across the United States to presenting webinars and written seminars on drone technology and its profound impact on real estate. He has presented for the Appraisal Institute, the National Association of Realtors, the American Society of Appraisers, the Right-of-Way Association, the Institute of Real Estate Management, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, Mississippi Tax Assessors, McKissock, the FAA, and AUVSI.

    Lamar Ellis is focused on safety and bringing aerial technologies to real estate professionals. Check out some real estate businesses already taking advantage of drone technology. There real estate valuation, brokerage, city planning, construction, development, assessment, inspection, litigation, architecture, insurance, and property management.