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    Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers

    March 13, 2024 Atlanta, GA
    March 13, 2024
    Atlanta, GA
    Atlanta Area Chapter
    Lamar Ellis, MAI, SRA
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    AL CE 7 Classroom Classroom 05/18/2023 09/30/2024 C02840 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    GA CE 7 7 Classroom Classroom 04/10/2023 12/31/2024 39-75818 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    LA CE 7 Classroom Classroom 03/30/2023 04/30/2024 A0004 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    MS CE 7 Classroom Classroom 04/26/2023 04/26/2025 50496 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    SC CE 7 Classroom Classroom 11/18/2022 08/31/2024 CE2064 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
    TN CE 7 Classroom Classroom 11/29/2022 01/31/2025 2637 (Atlanta Area Chapter)
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    Today thru 03/06/2024
    $225.00 $200.00
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    Lamar Ellis, III, MAI, SRA, Atlanta, GA


    March 13, 2024

    • 7:45 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. – Check-In 
    • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Class Instruction
    • There will be a 1-hour lunch break.  Lunch is provided.


    Atlanta REALTORS Center, 5784 Lake Forrest Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30328


    To receive AI and State credit, 100% attendance is required for all Appraisal Institute education programs.



    This seminar offering is approved for 35 AI CE Points. The AL, GA, LA, MS, and TN Real Estate Appraisers Board have approved 7 hours of CE credit. 100% attendance is required for credit and will be verified throughout the day. 




     In the first 2-hour segment, we will learn about what is a drone and its uses in the four different environments of water, land, air and space and their relationship to real estate appraisers.  We will then learn about the three types of drones being used for aerial inspections in urban, suburban and rural environments.  Next, we will discuss the various real estate businesses that are currently using drones to benefit their practices.  These will include appraisers, brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, developers, architects, homeowners, tax assessors and others.  Finally, we will cover how drones are impacting real estate from the redevelopment of urban environments to the delivery of packages. 



    In this 2-hour segment we’ll begin by discussing the public issues of privacy and security and how they are currently affecting aerial inspections.  We will learn how to navigate the Federal Aviation Administration’s website and how to determine if you are using your drone for commercial business.  Next, we will learn how to register a drone and the necessary steps required to become a certified remote pilot.  Finally, we will discuss the Federal Code of Regulations for Aviation and the rules that apply directly to aerial inspections.  This is a fast-paced webinar that attendees will know that whether they plan on using a drone themselves or hiring someone to do it for them they will understand the necessary steps to be able to incorporate aerial inspections into their practices.



    In this 3-hour segment, we will discuss a typical field operation.  Attendees will learn how to set up a landing and take-off zone and how to develop flight patterns to keep people and property safe.  We will also discuss the operational, environmental and regulatory issues involved in determining the risk mitigation procedures necessary for a safe operation.  Finally, we will discuss the unanticipated hazards that can occur when performing aerial inspections.  We will cover inspections of residential, commercial, industrial and large acreage properties. In addition we will discuss how shots needed on site can aid in training.  We will also learn how to use pre-programming to aid in inspection and review remedial training notes from the field.  Finally, we will learn the correct questions to ask when hiring a pilot.