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    Corridor Valuations

    March 14, 2024
    March 14, 2024
    South Carolina Chapter
    Stan Sidor
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    GA CE 4 Synchronous Livestream 02/25/2024 12/31/2024 77397 (South Carolina Chapter)
    NC CE 4 Synchronous Livestream 02/22/2024 12/30/2024 4627 (South Carolina Chapter)
    SC CE 4 4 Synchronous Livestream
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    What is a corridor?

    A strip of land used for transportation or transmission purposes (e.g., rail, highway, power, information, slurries, liquids).

    Source: Appraisal Institute, The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 7th Ed., 2022

    • Understand the Unique Characteristics of and Identify A Corridor
    • Understand the Function, Use/Purpose of A Corridor
    • Understand the Various Methodologies Available in Valuing a Corridor
    • Properly Apply Appraisal Methodology in Valuing A Corridor or A Portion of A Corridor

    This class will be via Zoom from 1 pm - 5 pm ET.  We have received credit with AI and South Carolina.  We have applied to Georgia and North Carolina for CE.