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Do you have expertise and extensive experience in valuation topics that would benefit others? Have you developed training programs for valuation professionals? Have you trained or taught valuation professionals at work, colleges, or chapter events? Are you interested in and good at using instructional techniques and technology to help others learn difficult concepts?  Can you explain valuation topics verbally and in writing to others in ways that help them understand? If so, the Appraisal Institute has education development opportunities for you to consider. And besides sharing your wealth of appraisal knowledge with others and giving back to your profession, you gain other benefits including

  • Recognition. Gain the respect of your peers and professional rewards from your clients. Participating in development projects for the Appraisal Institute will raise the profile of your business.
  • Waived tuition fees. Receive a waived tuition fee (when appropriate).
  • Continuing Education credit and Appraisal Institute credit. Earn CE and AI continuing education credits for participating in the development of the education program.
  • Honorarium. A developer contract and course reviewer contracts with the Appraisal Institute includes an honorarium.

Developing a course or seminar is not easy and does involve a substantial time commitment. However, the rewards of collaborating closely with other content experts, serving the appraisal profession, and personal satisfaction are well worth it!

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