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The Development Process

For more than 85 years, the Appraisal Institute Education department has been developing education to meet the training and professional development needs of real estate appraisers. While some development steps have changed over the years, the tradition of selecting practicing appraisers to develop peer-reviewed education has not.

  • Submitted proposals are reviewed and discussed by the Education Committee.
  • A development team made up of a developer and reviewers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the topic is selected. Contracts are issued.
  • Detailed specifications are developed, discussed, and approved by the development team.
  • At least three drafts (made up of several components, frequently including a student handbook, exam, instructor notes, and PowerPoint presentation) are developed by the developer; each one is thoroughly reviewed by the reviewers on the team. For classroom courses, the development team attends a walkthrough meeting to "walk through" the first draft.
  • Once the content is completed, development moves into production. Staff edits for consistency and organization. Materials are professionally designed.
  • Sign-off drafts are reviewed by the development team for final comment.
  • For more complex courses, the developer and reviewers often attend the premiere and participate in debriefings after class to discuss timing, content to tweak, organization of content.
  • For more complex courses, the editor and developer make final adjustments to a post-premiere version.
  • All programs are monitored. Adjustments and updates are made as needed.

To submit a proposal for development, go to the Education Program Proposal Form.

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