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Are you a Licensed or Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser? How can AI help you expand your practice beyond the mortgage industry?

Many SRA Designated members practice in a wide variety of valuation spaces other than the typical mortgage lending space. Many of our SRA Designated members are sought to perform residential and consulting work in areas such as:

  • litigation
  • department of transportation
  • green consulting for builders and homeowners
  • pre-listing appraisals for agents and homeowners
  • review work for state agencies and litigation
  • real estate assessment appeal
  • marriage dissolution matters
  • estate and family wealth planning and management
  • partnership and other entity dissolution matters
  • zoning, land use and land planning
  • employee relocation assignments
  • highly valued residential properties for private lenders, including wealth management groups in larger banking institutions
  • a wide variety of other client types who need residential valuation and consulting work

"The SRA Designation has allowed me to differentiate myself between somebody who just has a state license in real estate appraising and  gave me additional analytical skill sets that helped me tackle challenging and profitable jobs over the years." - Frank J. Lucco, SRA

Video: How Appraisal Institute Designations Can Expand Careers

What advantages does being affiliated with AI give you?

Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Library

24/7 access to a world-class research library containing thousands of articles, documents, industry research and more.

Find an Appraiser

AI's comprehensive appraiser database lists AI professionals from all over the world. It serves as an indispensable resource among those seeking valuation services, as well as a source of business for appraisers.

Classroom and Online Education, Webinars, Textbooks, Magazines, E-Newsletters, AI Business Tools

Appraisal Institute is the globally recognized resource for high-quality education in the field of real property valuation with nearly 800 education offerings presented annually. AI Professionals receive 30% off most AI education (save eight designation courses that are discounted only for Designated members and Candidates).

AI hosts webinars on today’s hot appraisal issues and appraisal businesses practice topics. AI webinars cover industry issues in a live presenter format in a shorter delivery timeframe.

More than 70 titles are currently available at the AI Store. The Appraisal Institute is recognized as the leading publisher of professional textbooks for the valuation profession. AI Professionals receive up to 25% off AI books.

A quarterly, peer-reviewed journal, The Appraisal Journal serves as a forum for information and ideas on the practice and theory of valuation and analysis of real estate and related issues. Valuation magazine offers timely, practical information, and ideas to assist real estate appraisers in conducting their business effectively.  A weekly e-newsletter, Appraiser News Online keeps appraisers abreast of industry trends, as well as legislative and regulatory matters impacting appraisers. Residential Update is a monthly e-newsletter focused on news, trends, and other important developments affecting residential appraisers. Washington Report and State News is AI’s quarterly e-newsletter that summarizes AI’s recent federal and state legislative and regulatory activities from representing the interests of AI professionals.

AI Professionals receive complimentary subscriptions to The Appraisal Journal and Valuation magazine and exclusive access to report writing tools and resources on common appraisal business practices. Learn more about AI benefits


The Appraisal Institute is the only appraisal organization with an office in Washington, D.C., where a team of advocates represent the interests of AI professionals before Congress and federal and state agencies. Supported by a national Government Relations Committee, this office represents the broad interests of practicing real estate appraisers, a majority of who practice in residential real estate appraisal. 

In recent months, AI has stood strongly against proposed regulatory increases to appraisal threshold levels, appraisal waivers from government sponsored enterprises, legislative exemptions, and temporary waiver requests from appraiser credentialing requirements. This advocacy has shown results in tempering proposals, moderating impacts, and turning back requests that would negatively impact residential appraisal professionals.

Become an AI professional today to stay informed of the latest federal and state policies that impact appraisal and contribute to the AI’s advocacy success. Learn more Advocacy and Government Relations

AI Professional Development Programs

Developed to help valuers hone their skills, our programs address cutting-edge, challenging, or advanced-level topics. The programs cover the body of knowledge of a certain subject aimed at educating an individual on a particular property type or specialty area. The courses comprised of these programs are available to everyone!

In addition, any individual who holds an AI designation and successfully completes a Professional Development Program, will be added to the program’s registry. Program registries can be searched by potential clients and employers. 

Professional Development Program titles are as follows:

  • Analytics for Valuation
  • Valuation of the Components of a Business Enterprise
  • International Valuation of Fixed Assets
  • Valuation of Sustainable Buildings: Commerical (registry available to non-Designated members)
  • Valuation of Sustainable Buildings: Residential (registry available to non-Designated members)
  • Valuation of Conservation Easements
  • Litigation
  • Appraising Historic Preservation Easements

Learn more about AI Professional Development Programs

"As residential appraisers, we often come under extreme pressure: pressure to ignore issues with a property, pressure to turn in assignments too quickly and to cut corners, pressure to meet sales prices that are too high, pressure to appraise lower than market value to accommodate some interest or another."

"Someone who is proud of their work ethic and quality – and who is independent, impartial, objective and knowledgeable about the work they do and how to support it – will never be 'just' a residential appraiser. We will forever stand up for doing our work the right way and not bending to pressures. This is the mark of a professional. This is the mark of someone who takes the valuation profession seriously and understands how important our work is."

"For those of us who treat being a residential appraiser seriously, and as a significant responsibility, we will never be 'just' a residential appraiser. Think about that the next time 'just' crosses your mind."

"We must change this narrative from within. Be professional; be the best you can be. Be proud of being a residential appraiser. I know I am!" - Rachel Massey, SRA, AI-RRS (full article)

How do I become affiliated with AI to access these benefits?

Become a Practicing Affiliate for $385 annually (prorated, February to October) to access these benefits. Eligible Practicing Affiliates may transition to becoming at Candidate for Designation at any point in their affiliation. Learn more about becoming a Practicing Affiliate

Interested in working towards the SRA or AI-RRS Designation? Learn more about becoming a Candidate for Designation


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