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AI and Freddie Mac have partnered to help appraisers value manufactured housing.  

Appraisal of Manufactued Homes Featuring Next-Generation Manufactured Homes is a new training course designed to meet the challenges of appraising manufactured homes, today. 

A new generation of high quality factory built homes provide popular alternative, affordable housing to millions of Americans. Now Freddie Mac is making financing for certain manufactured homes possible through its CHOICEHomeSM program. 

The program will also make it easier for appraisers to value manufactured homes by allowing valuation professionals the use of site-built homes as comparable sales where there are no CHOICEHome sales available to compare. 





Attend a currently scheduled training course in your area 

Columbus, OH | September 9 Savannah, GA | October 3
Shreveport, LA | September 12 Buffalo, NY | October 7
Louisville, KY | September 13 Denver, CO | October 8
Jackson, MS | September 16 Ft. Lauderdale, FL | October 8
Medford, OR | September 16 Baltimore, MD | October 10
Lansing, MI | September 17 Duluth, MN | October 11
Oklahoma City, OK | September 17 Oxford, MS | October 11
Raleigh, NC | September 18 Birmingham, AL | October 16
St. Louis, MO | September 19 Ft. Wayne, IN | October 16
Indianapolis, IN | September 20 Sacramento, CA | October 18
Roanoke, VA | September 20 Little Rock, AR | October 21
College Station, TX | September 23 Nashville, TN | October 21
Albany, NY | September 24 Baton Rouge, LA | October 28
Jacksonville, FL | September 25 El Paso, TX | October 31
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Send us your email and we will contact your when the course in your area is scheduled


About the Appraisal Institute/Freddie Mac Partnership


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