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International Affiliation

Any interested real estate professional living anywhere in the world may join the Appraisal Institute.

Whether you are seeking the services of a qualified real estate appraiser, interested in a consulting career, or want to join a global organization for real property valuation professionals, the Appraisal Institute is the place for you!

For more than 85 years, the Appraisal Institute has been the world’s leading organization of appraisal professionals, promoting high standards of practice through its designation programs, education, peer review process, research, and publications.

Real estate valuation professions may join as a Candidate for Designation and enjoy many benefits, including a listing in our Find an Appraiser directory. For those individuals interested in becoming Designated members, AI offers accreditation paths for individuals who hold designations from other organizations, such as HypZert and the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

AI also recognizes governmental licenses and certifications from Korea, Japan, China, Germany, and Turkey; AI is also willing to evaluate designations and government certifications from any other country.
Related industry professionals, including brokers, bankers, attorneys, or government officials, may join the Appraisal Institute as a Practicing Affiliate or Affiliate.

The Appraisal Institute maintains its involvement in regional and international federations, including the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC), the Union of Pan-American Valuation Organizations (UPAV), and the European Group of Valuers’ Association (TEGoVA).

The Appraisal Institute has signed cooperation agreements with the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), Federación de Colegios de Valuadores, A.C., (FECOVAL), HypZert GmbH, and Uniunea Naţională a Evaluatorilor Autorizaţi din România (ANEVAR).

AI Professionals residing outside the United States receive a 25% discount on annual fees and dues.

For more information about our international programs, contact us at

How to Find a Member

To find a Designated Member, Candidate for Designation, Practicing Affiliate or Affiliate, please use our Find An Appraiser. You may search throughout the world by name or location. Listings also are searchable by property type and business service.

Professionals Providing Real Estate Solutions®

Designated Members form a network of Professionals Providing Real Estate Solutions® throughout the world. Because they have met rigorous educational and experience requirements, Designated Members are respected by courts, government agencies, lenders and corporations. Designated Members can guide decisions to invest in, buy or sell property and answer questions about property value and suitability for various uses. They also may serve as consultants on valuation and usage issues, and appear as expert witnesses in legal proceedings.

Designated Members agree to conduct professional activities in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics, Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or International Valuation Standards. Appraisal Institute also administers a refined peer review process through which it enforces these principles.

The Leader is Appraisal Education

Appraisal Institute offers an extensive curriculum of courses and seminars designed to expand skills and customer bases. These programs also help other industry professionals gain an understanding of real estate techniques.

Appraisal Institute has a growing international presence and provides education programs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Appraisal Institute Education Network of Programs, offered around the world, are taught by experienced Designated members. Some programs are available online, combining the flexibility of self-study with the enhancements of the digital medium.

For information regarding international offerings of Appraisal Institute appraisal education programs, please e-mail

The World’s Leading Publisher of Appraisal Literature

Appraisal Institute is the world’s largest publisher of appraisal literature. The Appraisal of Real Estate has served generations of professionals as the premier real estate valuation text and has been translated to Spanish, Romanian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The Appraisal Institute continuously adds to its extensive list of publications that cover contemporary issues, industry advances and special-purpose properties.

The Appraisal Institute also publishes The Appraisal Journal and Valuation magazine. The Appraisal Journal has served as the top forum for appraisal professionals.

Valuation magazine focuses on innovative features and ideas to assist appraisers. The free Appraiser News Online e-newsletter keeps professionals abreast of industry trends and legislative and regulatory matters.

A Professional Resource

The Appraisal Institute serves as a professional resource through its Lum Library, InfoExchange and JobSearch services. With its extensive collection of books, journals and other resources and growing database connections, the Lum Library provides support for the research needs of Designated members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates, and Affiliates, as well as the profession at large.

In today’s evolving marketplace, the Appraisal Institute Appraisal Standards Committee keeps vigilant watch for domestic and international issues concerning ethics and standards, and addresses these issues through comments and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hold a Designation or license from another country. Do you have any alternative paths to designated membership (i.e. AACI Designation, HypZert Designation, Japanese license issued by LREA)? 

Appraisal Institute does offer some alternative paths. Please view our Candidate Policy Manual for current alternative paths for those who hold other credentials.

Is education available online to obtain AI Designations?

AI recently launched the education required for MAI Designation in live online sessions. These live online sessions (called Synchronous) are in English. Once the live session is completed, you will need to schedule the examination for the online course at a PearsonVue testing center

There is also an option to challenge the examinations required for many AI designation education courses. If you choose to challenge the course you would receive course materials, study on your own, and pass the course examination at a PearsonVue testing center.There are PearsonVue testing centers located worldwide. Locate an International Testing Center


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