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Appraisal Engagement, Appraisal Reviews and Evaluations (Course Outline)  ctr_button

Part 1 – Engaging Appraisers: Compliance with the Regulations

  • Recognize 5 Best Practices for Appraisal Process Management
  • Understand the appraiser's requirement to comply with USPAP Scope of Work Rule when you’re ordering a CRE appraisal
  • Identify the specific federal regulations that cover appraisals 

Part 3 – A Case Study using the Income Approach

  • Explore the methodology and applicable properties to use the income approach
  • Learn Scope of Work issues related to appraisal or evaluation using the income approach
  • Understand how to estimate income from all sources – consider income streams, types of rent/leases, rent adjustments and resources to estimate market rent

Part 2 – A Case Study using the Sales Comparison Approach for use in a land parcel

  • Identify three issues to consider related to the Sales Comparison Approach
  • Identify the resources available to appraisers and reviewers to make their work complete
  • Recognize the appropriate methodology to complete the approach

Part 4 – Bonus – Single Family Residential: Understanding the URAR report

  • Demystify the URAR report; how to analyze the appraiser’s selection of comparable sales and how to review adjustments; recognizing red flags
  • Learn the steps needed to complete a real estate appraisal; consider the three approaches used to arrive at the opinion of value
  • Recognize the rules on appraisal independence

Format Options

Onsite - Full day seminar for teams with at least eight (8) employees.  In-house education is a cost-effective solution for larger teams.

Online - Live webinar over multiple days.

Instructor Information

Instructor George Mann, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS has 23 years of Appraisal Reviewer experience,
Former Chief Appraiser and has completed over 4,000 commercial and residential appraisal reviews.


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