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AI-RRS Designation Requirements

The AI-RRS membership designation is held by professionals who provide reviews of residential appraisals.

Individuals seeking AI-RRS designated membership must complete prerequisites and have good moral character to be eligible to enter the Residential Review Candidate for Designation program. Most individuals will complete these prerequisites as a Practicing Affiliate, and once finished, transition into the Candidate for Designation program pursuing designated membership.

Note: MAI, SRPA, SRA or RM Designated members please see AI-RRS Designation Alternative Path (pg. 22).


  • Certified Real Property Appraiser (or equivalent)
  • Standards requirement
  • AI Business Practices and Ethics
  • Degree requirement (if not a certified real property appraiser)
  • Attend Course and Pass Exam: Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies/Part 1
  • Pass exam: Review Case Studies - Residential
  • Pass exam: Review Theory - Residential

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Candidate for Designation Policy Manual

View program requirements, equivalencies, alternative paths, and additional resources.


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