Appraisal Institute

REAGIT, the Real Estate Appraisers Group Insurance Trust

Comprehensive Protection Plans and Medical Insurance Services

A wide selection of protection plans and medical insurance services are available as an AI benefit through the Appraisal Institute Insurance Trust (formerly REAGIT).

Choose from:

  • Term Life
  • 10-Year Level Term Life
  • Disability Income
  • Professional Overhead Expense
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Dental
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Long Term Care

Term Life

If you or your spouse were suddenly no longer around, would your loved ones be able to live comfortably and continue their lives as they’d planned without your income? With REAGIT Group Term Life Insurance for members of the Appraisal Institute, you can apply for up to $500,000 of coverage for both you and your spouse, at competitive group rates. Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company.

10-Year Level Term-Life Insurance

Ample life insurance is a must to protect your family. Ensure the future health and well-being of your family by securing 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance. Underwritten by New York Life, one of the top insurance companies in the country, this plan is designed to protect you and your family from unnecessary financial burdens for a 10-year period. All AI categories, eligible spouses and dependent children under 65 can apply.

Disability Income Protection Insurance

What would happen if you suddenly became too sick or injured? Without an income, years of hard-earned savings could evaporate in a matter of months, even weeks. Help protect your income and your family's financial security with Disability Income Protection insurance.

Professional Overhead Expense Plan

Since you are one of the most important assets to your business, a disabling illness or injury could be financially devastating to your professional practice. Why risk leaving your business unprotected? Professional Overhead Expense insurance helps you keep a disability from disrupting your professional life.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

If you suffer from a major illness or serious injury, Medicare may not pay all your medical expenses. Help fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage and protect your finances with Medicare Supplement Insurance from Transamerica Life Insurance Company.

Dental Insurance Plan

Now there's a lot more to smile about! Dental insurance provides the following features: choice of two affordable plans, freedom to choose your dentist, day-one coverage for preventive care, no deductible for preventive care, broad range of benefits, economical group rates and easy enrollment.

Hospital Indemnity Plan

The REAGIT Group Hospital Indemnity Plan offers additional protection should you or your family become hospitalized. Your current health insurance may not cover all of your hospital expenses, resulting in the rapid accumulation of your deductible, co-pays, and other non-covered expenses. While hospitalization can be a difficult time, this plan can help you rest a little easier knowing those extra expenses may be paid, protecting your savings and retirement plans.

Long Term Care

Care planning is essential to helping prepare for your future and the future of your family. Recognizing this significant need, REAGIT Group Insurance offers a valuable Long Term Care Insurance Program for Appraisal Institute.


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