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Practicing Affiliate


Why Become a Practicing Affiliate?

  • Enjoy Affiliation with a local chapter and network with seasoned valuation professionals or explore future career opportunities
  • Discounts on Appraisal Institute education and publications
  • Complimentary Subscriptions to the award-winning Valuation magazine and The Appraisal Journal
  • Industry Tools, Insurance, AI Support Services
  • Access to the prestigious Lum Libraryl
  • The possibility of earning an AI designation
  • Access to many additional AI Benefits

Eligibility to Enter the Practicing Affiliate Category

This category is designed for those who are providing services as valuers (to customers, employers, etc.). Practicing Affiliates are interested in affiliation with the Appraisal Institute but not ready or interested in pursuing designated membership.

The Practicing Affiliate category is open to all valuers of real property. This includes: Certified Real Property Appraisers, Licensed Appraisers, Trainee/Registered/Provisional appraisers, Appraisal Reviewers, Tax Assessors, or anyone who is considered a valuer of real property. This could include Consultants, Analysts, Financial Advisors, Realty Officers, Real Estate Evaluators, University Faculty, Researchers, Appraisal Data Technicians, those who are valuers but are not required to be licensed at the state level.

Readmission: Individuals interested in readmission, please refer to the Practicing Affiliate Policy Manual. Standards and Ethics education may be required prior to readmission.

Requirements to Remain in the Practicing Affiliate Category

  1. Maintain AI Affiliation (including Annual Fee and Good Moral Character)
  2. AI Continuing Education Cycle Requirement. During each five-year AI Continuing Education the following is required:

The Practicing Affiliate Category: An Overview of Affiliation with the Appraisal Institute

Expand Your Practice

Licensed or Certified Real Property Appraisers looking to expand their practice beyond the mortgage industry - let AI help! Learn more now!

What are Practicing Affiliate Annual Fees?

Fees are $370 per year and are prorated if you join between February and October. Individuals joining after November 1st are charged the full fees for the upcoming year. Fees are subject to change annually.



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