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  • “Appraisal Standards Board Adopts Revisions to USPAP.” Valuation Insights & Perspectives (Third Quarter 2004): 22-23.
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  • Ordway, Nicholas and Jack P. Friedman.  “Appraisal Review in a Litigation Support Role.” The Appraisal Journal (January 2000): 20-31.
  • Ratterman, Mark R. “Are Appraisal Reviews a Mainstay of Your Practice or Just a Sideline?” The Appraisal Journal (Summer 2007): 188-193.
  • Sevelka, Tony. “Expropriation Appraisal Review.” The Appraisal Journal (Spring 2008): 155-167.
  • Smolden, Gerald E. “Do We Need a Statewide Appraisal Peer Review System?” The Appraisal Journal (January 1994): 86-93.
  • Sorenson, Richard C. “The Art of Reviewing Appraisals.” The Appraisal Journal (July 1991): 353-369.
  • Sorenson, Richard C. “Developing the Appraisal Review Opinion.” The Appraisal Journal (Summer 2010): 244-250.
  • Sorenson, Richard C. “Let’s Communicate.” The Appraisal Journal (April 1994): 197-202.
  • Wright, John H. and Christine A. Fisher. “A Review Appraiser’s Perspective.” The Appraisal Journal (April 1992): 178-183.

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  • Coleman, Stephanie C.  Scope of Work Audio Book.  (Chicago: Appraisal Institute, 2010).
  • Sorenson, Richard C. Appraising the Appraisal: The Art of Appraisal Review. (Chicago: Appraisal Institute, 2010).

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  • "Best Practices for Your Appraisal Review Program." Credit Union Regulatory Compliance Report (2012 Vol. 19 Issue 6): 2-7.
  • “FNC Releases New Appraisal-Review Technology.” Mortgage Banking (March 2010): 94-95.
  • “Interior’s Land Appraisal Services: Actions Needed to Improve Compliance with Appraisal Standards, Increase Efficiency, and Broaden Oversight: GAO-06-1050.” GAO Reports (2006): 1-64.
  • “A More Comprehensive Approach is Crucial.” National Mortgage News (March 2006): 18.
  • Wolpert, Ronald J. “Best Practices for Appraisal Review.” Commercial Lending Review (March 2005): 33-47.


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