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Readmission Information

Readmission to Designated Membership

Appraisal Institute Regulation No. 4, Readmission to Designated Membership, sets forth the rules governing readmission to Designated membership.

What must I do to readmit to Designated membership?

Requirements for readmission to Designated membership depend on the circumstances upon which your membership lapsed. Please click on the flow chart below for some idea of what AI CE requirements you must complete (if any) before you apply for readmission.


Please contact AI Admissions & Continuing Education at to see what AI CE requirements you must complete (if any) before you are eligible submit your application. 

FAQs for Readmission to Designated Membership

Please Note: These FAQs are intended to provide general information about Readmissions to Designated membership in the Appraisal Institute. The actual rules are contained in Regulation No. 4: Readmission to Designated Membership, and govern readmission requirements for the Appraisal Institute. The FAQs may not include all information, options, requirements, and variations applicable to any particular person.


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