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Practicing Affiliate Overview

Who are Practicing Affiliates?

Practicing Affiliates provide services as valuers of real property to customers, employers, etc. This category is open to all valuers of real property including but not limited to certified real property appraisers, licensed appraisers, trainee/registered/provisional appraisers, appraisal reviewers, tax assessors (mass appraisers), or anyone who is considered a valuer of real property.

Practicing Affiliates typically join for one of the following reasons:

  • To utilize the many AI Benefits that come with affiliation.
  • To complete prerequisites to be eligible to enter a Candidate for Designation program and earn an AI designation.

Learn how to add a prerequisite checklist to one of our designation paths while you enjoy affiliation as a Practicing Affiliate!

Learn more about Practicing Affiliate Requirements

Getting the Most out of Affiliation with the Appraisal Institute

  • Enjoy affiliation with a local chapter to network with seasoned professionals.
  • Access the prestigious Lum Library.
  • Utilize the AI Career Center to search for jobs and post profiles.
  • Benefit from significant discounts on education developed and published by AI: the leader in real property valuation.
  • Become more familiar with the Candidate for Designation program.
  • Complete Candidate for Designation prerequisites by taking advantage of discounted rates on education available only through affiliation.
  • Learn about more AI Benefits.

Appraisal Institute Continuing Education

Every five years, Practicing Affiliates must complete the following:

  • Standards (USPAP, IVS, etc.)
  • Appraisal Institute Business Practices and Ethics
  • 350 points of continuing education

For more information on AI CE, please review AI Continuing Education: An Overview.

Annual Fee

Upon applying to enter the Practicing Affiliate category, individuals are required to pay annual dues. For new applicants to AI, annual dues are prorated when joining between February and October. Individuals joining after November 1st will be charged the full annual dues for the upcoming year.

Each subsequent year, Practicing Affiliates will be renewed and invoiced for the upcoming annual dues (this occurs around November 1st). Dues are subject to change annually.

Certification Statements

For written appraisal and written appraisal review reports, Practicing Affiliates must use certification statements as part of their affiliation with the Appraisal Institute.

Chapter Affiliation

At the time of admission, Practicing Affiliates are assigned to a local chapter and region. Take the opportunity to network at your local chapter.


The Appraisal Institute Education & Relief Foundation offers a variety of scholarships. Learn more about available scholarships!

Get Involved

There are many volunteer opportunities for Practicing Affiliates to serve at the chapter, regional, and/or national level.

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