For Commercial Lenders ( 7 hour program ) 


For Residential Lenders ( NEW 4 hour program) 


CRE Appraisal Engagement Review and Evaluation 



  • Gain insight on what regulators expect from banks, internal bank policy and process, the appraisal process and scope of work.

  • Cover federal appraisal and banking regulations government commercial real estate.

  •  Learn about USPAP, selecting appraisers, ordering appraisals, documents your bank needs to provide, how to monitor vendor panels and more!





Rapid Response: Market Analysis in Volatile       Markets for Lenders



As lenders and appraisers have both found, market conditions can change dramatically in no time at all.  Appraisers have the responsibility to account for market conditions on the effective date of value. This timely and beneficial seminar will remind that while market conditions are usually stable, they can change rapidly and that will impact the risk associated with a mortgage loan. This program will review basic concepts and techniques used in performing market analysis in residential property appraisals and explain the difference between neighborhood analysis and market analysis.


  • Discuss common problems, inconsistencies, and misunderstandings in appraisal reports.

  • Illustrate how appraisers extract, compile, analyze, and present the data in a way that lenders can understand it.

  • Introduce concepts to help lenders differentiate between a neighborhood and a market.

  • Illustrate various tools that residential appraisers use for market analysis. Demonstrate statistical tools residential appraisers use to support the appraiser’s opinion of market supply and demand and to support the highest and best use conclusion.

  • Familiarize lenders with local, statewide, regional, and national databases that are used in analyzing supply and demand.



Each offering includes an instructor consultation so we know your bank’s specific needs! For content questions, to schedule, or for a price quote, please contact:
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