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Appraisal Institute Benefits

Joining the Appraisal Institute gives you exclusive discounts and an inside connection to exciting valuation resources. Browse the benefit categories below for a quick navigation to the detailed offers of AI’s extensive catalog of benefits.

Featured AI Benefit:


Don't miss out!  Exciting webinar for AI professionals! Exclusive savings just for you!

Site To Do Business recently led an informative webinar exclusively for AI professionals, and you still have an opportunity to view the recorded webinar. This webinar focused on tools and applications that appraisers can use in evaluating highest and best use, understanding similarities in an area, getting an overall understanding of a market or mapping subject properties and comps and much more. 

To view webinar click here.

Site To Do Business has a long history with the Appraisal Institute and provides a toolkit of market analysis products that you can use to find the most current information about a market or site influencing the value of any property in the United States. Appraisal Institute professionals can access STDB at a significant discount over the public.

Current AI Price: $650.00 for 12 months
Regular Price: $1,295.00

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See what your colleagues have to say about their use of STDB:

"I have been using STDB for many years and have found it to be the most cost effective commercial data site available for a large part of the demand side data we need as appraisers for our market studies. It also has many features I use besides data, such as the mapping available.  The benefit of using STDB can be seen in a case study example in the Appraisal Institute book I authored, Market Analysis for Real Estate, 2nd Edition, pages 304-321."
Stephen Fanning, MAI, AI-GRS

"I have a hard time understanding why Appraisal Institute members do not take advantage of this great product and the discounts we receive. It is simply invaluable in everyday work. We use it in our market analysis section, our Highest and Best Use sections and to demonstrate similarities or dissimilarities between comparable sales and the subject property. It is an invaluable tool to assist the professional appraiser in understanding the markets in which they work."
Leslie P. Sellers MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

"Most of my assignments, both commercial and residential, are in rural southern Indiana, and are primarily related to litigation and property tax assessment appeal cases. Population density is sparse, and sales volume is low, even in the best of times. As a result of the lack of transaction data in the numerous small communities of this area, I frequently rely on regional comparison properties in each of the approaches to value. Analysis of demographic and economic data that impacts both the property being valued and the regional comparison properties is critically important to providing well-supported and credible value conclusions. STDB is more efficient and affordable than any of the alternative data sources I have seen in over 40 years of appraisal practice. On numerous instances, clients, intended users, and other readers of my reports have said, "I didn't know that!" after reading the STDB comparison data addressing the market make-up. The medium- and long-term projections are a tremendous asset when forecasting property performance for the years ahead."
Rick Borges, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS



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