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AI Master's Degree Program

Are you a graduate student pursuing an MSRE, MRED, or an MBA with a concentration in real estate?

If you are a candidate pursuing one of these degrees, the Appraisal Institute Master’s Degree Program could be the perfect fit for you!

Students currently enrolled in a participating university are eligible to join the AI Master’s Degree Program and become Candidates for Designation with the Appraisal Institute.

A Designation Path Made Simple

  • You may have certain required courses and/or exams waived based on the coursework taken in your program! View a comprehensive chart of waived and required courses and/or exams (based on your program’s curriculum) in order to obtain education credit towards MAI Designated membership.
  • You may submit your master’s thesis or PhD dissertation to possibly satisfy the General Demonstration of Knowledge requirement for MAI Designated membership! The thesis must meet requirements outlined in the Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General.
  • Work completed as part of a job, internship, or thesis project may be submitted to satisfy partial hours for the Experience Requirement! The experience hours must meet the definition of   Specialized Experience Credit   for the MAI Designation path and definition of Residential Experience Credit for the SRA Designation path.

Did You Know? Some graduate programs allow you to complete the AI Demonstration of Knowledge requirement as credit for an independent study.

What if your program is not affiliated with AI?

Although we cannot offer you the specific category given to graduate students of programs partnered with AI, we will gladly review your coursework to determine whether any classes taken at the graduate level could count as equivalency credit towards education required for MAI Designated membership.

If you think your university would benefit from this partnership, please contact Whitney Youngs at AI is continually recruiting university graduate programs to become affiliated with the AI Master’s Degree Program.

The Program

Graduate students focusing on real estate valuation can apply education and experience credits toward the requirements needed for the Appraisal Institute MAI Designated membership. The following universities are affiliated with the AI Master's Degree Program:

1. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

2. Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

3. University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

4. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

5. University of San Diego, San Diego, California

6. The University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

7. University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. European Business School (EBS), International University, Schloss Reichhartshausen (Germany)

9. American University, Washington, D.C.

10. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

11. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

12. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Graduate students enrolled in these graduate programs will automatically satisfy certain educational requirements based on a similar body of knowledge as that of the Appraisal Institute, outlined in a comprehensive chart.

Benefits of MAI Designated Membership

Benefits of being a Candidate for Designation through the Master’s Degree Program include:

  • No annual fees while enrolled at the participating university
  • All advantages and discounts offered to all regular Candidates, including special AI pricing on education and publications.
  • Receive Appraisal Institute periodicals The Appraisal Journal and Valuation magazine at no cost.

AI Scholarships

The Appraisal Institute Education Trust offers a variety of scholarships.

AIET Graduate Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence, this scholarship helps finance the educational endeavors of graduate students concentrating in real estate appraisal, land economics, real estate or allied fields.  The due date for the scholarship is April 15th and the students can receive $2000 towards their graduate program.

AIET Minorities and Women Education Scholarship

Minorities and women students pursuing academic degrees in real estate appraisal or related fields.  This scholarship will pay $1000 towards their graduate program.  They can only receive one scholarship but a lot of people will apply for the Graduate and this scholarship to “hedge their bets” on getting one.

AIET Undergraduate Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence, this scholarship helps finance the educational endeavors of undergraduate students concentrating in real estate appraisal, land economics, real estate or allied fields. Pays $1000 towards an undergraduate program.


Those graduate students who wish to apply may contact their respective programs or complete the following application. You may submit your application, along with proof of your enrollment in the form of a letter or transcripts, via email at fax at (312) 335-4256.

If you’re current a Candidate for Designation, please contact the AI Master’s Degree Program Manager Whitney Youngs at (312) 335-4229 or via email at

MAI Designation Requirements

In addition to successful completion of the qualified master’s degree program, all students interested in attaining the Designated membership must:

More Information for Universities

University Guidelines
University Application

More Information for Graduate Students

Student Policy Manual
Candidate Application  Note: This application is only for Candidates currently enrolled in one of MDP programs. If you are already a graduate, you must complete the standard Candidate for Designation application.



P: (312) 335-4229

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