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Economic Indicators

The monthly Economic Indicators provide a continuous monitor of the economy and real estate markets by providing economic data from a variety of government Web sites. The monthly indicators include market rates and bond yields, disposable income data, housing data, unemployment rates, and other benchmarks.

These indicators are published in the Appraisal Institute's quarterly magazine, Valuation, as well as included with the weekly e-mail newsletter Appraiser News Online.

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Current Year Economic Indicators

Below you will find the current year's economic indicators. To access historical archives, you must join the Appraisial Institute, and be logged in.


PDF Document econ_ind_11_2015  Dec 18, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_10_2015  Dec 02, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_10_2015  Nov 19, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_09_2015_UPDATE  Nov 03, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_09_2015  Oct 12, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_08_2015_update  Sep 29, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_08_2015  Sep 14, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_07_2015_UPDATE  Aug 28, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_07_2015  Aug 12, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_06_2015  Jul 09, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_05_2015_update  Jun 30, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_05_2015  Jun 10, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_04_2015  May 29, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_03_2015_update  Apr 29, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_03_2015  Apr 10, 2015
PDF Document econ_ind_03_2015  Apr 10, 2015
PDF Document Econ_ind_03_2015  Apr 10, 2015

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