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Practicing Affiliate

Why become a Practicing Affiliate?

  • Work towards entering the Candidate for Designation Program
  • AI Benefits provide educational materials and resources that will help you advance your career
  • Enjoy affiliation with a local chapter and network with seasoned professionals
  • Visit the Appraisal Institute Career Center to search for jobs and post profiles

Who can become a Practicing Affiliate?

  • Individuals who provide Service(s) as defined by the Code of Professional Ethics (CPE). Service(s) as defined by the CPE. Service(s) defined by the CPE include: appraisal, appraisal review, and other services provided as a valuer. Individuals who may qualify for this category could include, state certified, licensed, trainee, provisional, and registered appraisers (or have the equivalent education), or any individual who may provide Service(s) as defined by the CPE.

Note: Readmission Requirements for former Practicing Affiliates Former Associate members or Practicing Affiliates who have been terminated or have resigned, may only be admitted/readmitted as a Practicing Affiliate under certain conditions.  Any individual who is eligible for readmission must complete the Standards and Ethics education requirements within 4 years prior to the date of application for readmission.

What are the requirements for Practicing Affiliate?

Within each CE cycle, Practicing Affiliates must complete 350-Points of Continuing Education that includes:

  • Complete applicable Standards requirement (USPAP, IVS, SVP, applicable national or international standards). To be completed within the first year of affiliation, and again during each subsequent CE cycle.
  • AI Business Practices and Ethics course. To be completed within the first year of affiliation and again during each subsequent CE cycle.

Note: Practicing Affiliates will be required to obtain state certification (or equivalent if state certification is not required) and enroll in the Candidate for Designation program within a certain timeframe (details can be found in the Appraisal Institute Bylaws).

What are Practicing Affiliate fees?

Fees are $345 per year, and are prorated if you join between February and October. Individuals joining after November 1st are charged the full fees for the upcoming year. Fees are subject to change annually.

Getting Started

For new Practicing Affiliates, please take a moment to view the PowerPoint (click on the image below) for a succinct overview of the Practicing Affiliate category.





P: 888-7JOINAI (888-756-4624)

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