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    Group Affiliation Program

    Affiliation Discounts for Your Company's Employees!

    We recognize the valuable role employers play in supporting the professional growth of their employees through affiliation with the Appraisal Institute. 

    Consider our unique Group Affiliation Program, designed for employers of valuation professionals. Join the program to receive a 10% discount on national dues for all eligible employees.

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    Eligibility Requirements

    To qualify for this program, your firm must:

    1. Employ at least five individuals who are engaged in valuation practice as defined by AI’s Code of Professional Ethics, and who are an AI Designated Member, Candidate for Designation or Practicing Affiliate (eligible employees).
    2. Include at least five eligible employees in the program.
    3. Agree to pay all participating employees’ dues and fees directly to AI on or before the invoice due date. Firms that do not pay the entire program invoice by the due date will lose the discount for that year’s dues cycle.