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Leadership Development and Advisory Council (LDAC)

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With the integrity of the conference and health and safety of attendees top-of-mind, the LDAC Planning Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel LDAC 2021 which had been scheduled for September 27-29. LDAC 2022 is currently scheduled for May 18-20.


The Leadership Development & Advisory Council (LDAC) is a group of dedicated appraisers who come together once a year in Washington, D.C., to formulate solutions to problems and challenges faced by the appraisal profession. 
LDAC strives to foster creative thought from talented individuals involved in the real estate appraisal profession while developing future leaders of the Appraisal Institute. LDAC also establishes an “appraiser-presence” in Congress and demonstrates that the Appraisal Institute is made up of professionals who recognize the importance of being actively involved in the political process.
LDAC has served as a source of leadership and as an inspiration for new programming ideas for the Appraisal Institute since 1969. Through a series of roundtable discussions, LDAC provides a forum where ideas and opinions on targeted topics of concern to the appraisal profession are exchanged. 

Why Attend?

Ask any LDAC alumni, and they will undeniably tell you that LDAC has been one of their most positive experiences with the Appraisal Institute! Here’s why:
  • LDAC is your spring board for future leadership within the Appraisal Institute.
  • You get to make a difference in the Appraisal Institute by helping to formulate solutions to obstacles and challenges faced by the appraisal industry.
  • You have an opportunity to make your voice heard by the Nation’s lawmakers.
  • Up to 45 Points of Appraisal Institute continuing education (CE) credit may be earned for participating in LDAC. Please refer to Regulation No. 10: Continuing Education for more details. (CE will be granted at the end of the conference, after full participation is documented.)
If you know of someone who has demonstrated outstanding ability in appraising or a related profession, who is a potential leader in your chapter, who is articulate and who could make a strong contribution to discussions on appraisal topics, please encourage that individual to consider LDAC participation.

2021 LDAC Leadership

Jacinto Munoz, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS, 2020 LDAC Chair
Eric Schneider, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, 2020 LDAC Vice Chair
Seth Rohling, MAI, AI-GRS, Discussion Leader
Lee Smalley, MAI, Discussion Leader
Brett Weatherbie, MAI, Discussion Leader
Kelly Yeatts, MAI, Discussion Leader

For additional information about the Leadership Development & Advisory Council, contact Scott Brody or Evan Williams.

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