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    Top Federal Issues

    Federal Issues and Actions

    With so much happening at the federal level, it's critical to stay up on recent developments. Our team works to keep you informed by curating and updating the latest news.


    AI to VA on Minimum Property Requirements Proposal

    AI Responds to VA Proposal on Minimum Property Requirements

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    AI Calls for AMC Fee Disclosure

    AI encourages the CFPB to mandate the separation of fees on settlement disclosure forms.

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    AI on Reconsideration of Value Proposal

    AI joins real estate groups on a letter to the federal banking agencies endorsing the Tidewater Initiative.

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    Commercial Real Estate Workouts

    The Appraisal Institute hosts a webinar on new federal guidance for financial institutions on Expectations for Prudent CRE Loan Accommodations and Workouts.

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    Appraisal Licensing Modernization

    Jul 29, 2023 | Article

    We are working to bring appraisal licensing into the 21st Century with the Portal for Appraisal Licensing Act.

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    AI Team Produces Valuation Bias Report

    AI Bias Research Solutions Project Team (BRSPT Project Team) reviewed available research and recommend appropriate next steps for the Appraisal Institute in Valuation Bias Report.

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    The Impact of Appraisal Waivers

    A conversation with an FHFA Representative discussing the Uniform Appraisal Dataset Aggregate Statistics and how it impacts you.

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