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AI Master's Degree Program


What is the AI Master's Degree Program

Established in 1987, the Appraisal Institute Master’s Degree Program (MDP) offers individuals pursuing a master's degree (typically an MBA with a concentration in real estate, MSRE, or MRED) at an AI-affiliated university to earn an MAI designation based equivalency credit for some or all of the educational requirements needed for designated membership.

Note: course credit varies on the program from where the Student Affiliate earned the graduate degree, so certain AI courses may still need to be completed. Please contact AI staff for a detailed chart that outlines equivalency credit for a specific university graduate program affiliated with AI. 

What Are Some of the Benefits? 

While enrolled in the AI-affiliated graduate program, AI MDP Student Affiliates benefits include:

  • No annual fees while in pursuance of a graduate degree at one of the AI-affiliated universities.
  • Affiliation with a local chapter, where Students Affiliates can network with professionals in the appraisal industry.
  • AI discounts on education and publications without having to pay the annual Appraisal Institute national dues.
  • Insights, Perspectives, and Appraiser News Online (ANO) e-Newsletter at no cost (electronic versions).
  • Complimentary subscriptions to Appraisal Institute periodicals The Appraisal Journal and Valuation magazine.
  • Access to the Appraisal Institute's Lum Library and research services.
  • The possibility of earning an AI designation.
  • Access to many additional AI Benefits.

Practicing individuals will be required to become Practicing Affiliates instead of Student Affiliates upon initial admission to the AI. Practicing Affiliates are subject to AI Continuing Education requirements.

Is My University Affiliated? 

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What Happens Once I Graduate?

Upon graduation, the Student Affiliate would send AI Admissions his/her official transcripts and AI staff would help the Student Affiliate transition into one of three categories: Practicing Affiliate, Affiliate, or Candidate for Designation (depending on eligibility).

If a Student Affiliate opts into the Candidate for Designation program, he/she will receive AI equivalency credit for some or all of the graduate program coursework (depending on the university) and may then pursue the prestigious MAI designation on an accelerated Candidate path. 

In order to earn the MAI designation, AI MDP graduates must:

A master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation could possibly satisfy the General Demonstration of Knowledge requirement for MAI Designated membership! The thesis or dissertation must meet requirements outlined in The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General.

If you are already a graduate of a program offered by one of the AI-affiliated universities, please contact us upon applying to the Candidate for Designation program so we can give you the appropriate equivalency credit.


What About Scholarships?

The Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation (AIERF) offers numerous scholarships for Candidates for Designation, as well as undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in the real estate field. Course credit varies on the program from where you earned your degree, so you may need to take certain AI courses to obtain the designation, so we encourage you to apply for an AIERF scholarship!


What if my University is Unaffiliated?

We'd be happy to discuss affiliation with your university! But in the meantime, AI will gladly review graduate coursework from a program unaffiliated with the AI MDP to determine possible credit if you have earned an MBA (majoring in finance, real estate, or real property economics), MSRE, or MREDIf you think your university would benefit from this partnership, please contact us!  



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